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UST Global HR interview Questions and tips- UST Global HR interview Questions and tips

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In a recruitment process, an interview is invariably one of the last but most crucial processes. It involves a one to one interaction of the candidates with the prospective employer. Besides giving
the interviewer a chance to evaluate your strength and skill, it also gives you an opportunity to understand what to expect from the organization.

No matter how well qualified and articulate one is for a job, there is nothing to replace thorough preparation for the interview. Have a good grip of your strengths and weakness. Know what to
talk at the interview and how to handle the situation, if things do not go as planned.

6 Killer Job Interview Tips for Freshers 

1. Research on company profile: Many candidates doesn’t know to research about the particular company before attending for Job Interview. In my experience most of the interviews firstly focuses on the point “Do anyone knows about Company profile” in Pre Placement Talk (PPT). If anyone answered about this question in a crowd, company officials thought that you have done homework about particular company. Try to get something like Mission, Vision, Clients etc.,

2. Research for seeking Job: Write a note about the company like Founder name, established year, turnover, number of employees etc., before attending for PPT. Underline the main keywords so that you can recognize more at presentation. Get more details about the job description and get ready for the Interview.

3. Observe the Interviewers: Get the name of the Interviewer from Training and Placement officers (TOP) and do some research on Google by using some techniques like if you are attending for TCS and name of the interviewer is Praveen, search like “ TCS Praveen Interviewer “. Observe the Interviewers mind set in Pre Placement Task.

4. Be thorough with Resume: In my experience, most of my friends doesn’t know how to justify about the details that are mentioned in their own resume. It happens. Most of the candidates will focus to know more about company profile, services they offer etc., and then forget to be thorough with Resume. Interviewers will ask you the details that are mentioned in your Resume. My suggestion was to go through the key points like hobbies, personnel traits and challenges.

5. Prepare your Tools: First Impression is the best Impression. So one have to try most to get positive impression. Ensure your personal appearance like having clean and ironed clothes, well groomed and keep in mind to have a polished shoe that fit to your clothes. Preparation is so important in this case to dress for success.

One of the killer interview tip was to have your work on paper or iPad/Laptop which was helpful to differentiate yourself among other candidates. Get ready with few copies of resumes to provide for the Interviewer.

6. Practice! Practice! Practice!: There was a great saying that “ Practice makes man perfect” and it holds good in case of facing an Interview. Practice your interview skills by conducting mock interviews with your friends. Record your own voice to have clarity about the slang and to know about the influence of mother tongue. Body language was an important task to learn and record a video to see you while answering questions in mock interview.


 IntelligenceAcademic, Performance, Questions
Responsibilitieswork, Roles, External Activities
Appearance & PoiseFirst impression
Interpersonal RelationsInterest, Team Role
IntegrityMore in Consistencies
Self-Confidence Relaxed manner, Responsible
Communication Skill Articulate, Coherent, Grammar, Responsive
Interest External Interest, Involvement
Leadership PotentialInitiative
Interviewing Skill Logical Thinking, Knows Priorities                                       

Top Interview Questions of All Time

Tell me about yourself. 
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What are your strengths? 
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What are your weaknesses? 
Several examples and tips to confidently respond to this question without fear ever again.

What was your greatest accomplishment? What were your 3 greatest accomplishments? 
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What do you know about our company? 
Find out why this is a test question, and what a company really wants to hear.

What did you like least about your prior job? or If you could change anything about your current/past company, what would that be? 
Discover the fear behind this question and what to avoid saying at all costs.

Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now? 
Setting your sights too high could actually eliminate you as a serious candidate. Find out why, and learn appropriate ways to share your ambitions.

Will you relocate? 
The job posting said, no relocation why are they asking you this question? For a very good reason!

Why should I hire you? 
Learn why this question could signal good news or bad news...and how to tell the difference. The good news is a job offer is likely. The bad news is your future boss could be a micro-manager.

what s the most interesting thing you have learnt from your past?

What’s your ambition?

what is your passion?

Tell me a quality of you which is different from others?

If your parents ask you not to go abroad ,what will you choose-company or parents ?

About UST Global® 

UST Global® is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. We use a client-centric Global Engagement Model that combines local, senior, on-site resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations.Their centers in India are ISO 27001 certified and they were assessed PCMM level 5 in 2004. These certifications and practices provide a qualified foundation for all UST Global service offerings and enable clients, to benefit internally.

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Founder : Stephen J. Ross in 1998

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Mission:- Setting the new standard in global sourcing and delivery, Transforming lives

Values:Humility - We listen, learn, and help selflessly in our interactions with others.

Humanity - Through business, we foster a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

Integrity - We honor our commitments and act with responsibility in all our relationships.

Awards : June 14, 2012-UST Global wins ‘Most Innovative Emerging Corporation Award’

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nice place to work..
friendly atmosphere...

option to choose your stream of work - brings out the best in you...

technical expertise always available to give you a helping hand...

tons of extra curricular activities, keeps your brain juices flowing..





All can interact with senior management.

excellent work culture

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