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Cover Letter Checklist-Cover Letter Checklist

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Job seekers struggle with their cover letters specially Freshers, but writing a successful cover letter is an art which can be learnt and perfected. Your time, money & effort invested in preparing your resume or cover letter will definitely increase your chances of getting you to an interview.

Below are few checklists which should always remain on tip of your fingers while preparing a cover letter.


* Your cover letter should have strong opening paragraph which communicates about your job target and key accomplishments & strengths in the first few lines of the letter.
* Your cover letter should follow the normal business standards.
* Ensure your cover letter is addressed to a specific individual, if you know the name.

The Body of The Letter

* Mention how you would benefit the employer if you were hired.
* Ensure you avoid starting every sentence with “I” or “my” so you can focus more on the employer’s requirements and not your own.
* You should demonstrate your expertise by using industry-specific language.
* Include examples of your accomplishments, to ensure the potential employer can see you have proven record.
* Your accomplishments, experience, skills etc. need to be relevant to hiring manager’s needs.
* Your resume should contain just enough information, where the reader gets entice to review your resume.
* Make sure you have mentioned all the required information if requested, job reference number, availability on the joining date, salary expectation etc.
* Your cover letter needs to sound genuine; it must reflect your personality and make you approachable.
* On completing the cover letter, proof read it to avoid spelling, grammar, syntax and formatting error.
* You may have the same design that is the font, style & layout for both cover letter & resume.

Closing Paragraph or Conclusion

* Your cover letter should end with a call to action, i.e. confidently requesting for an interview.
* Ensure your contact details are mentioned correctly and are the numbers which you are easily available.
* Remember to sign your cover letter, if you sending a hard copy.