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Importance of Internship-Importance of Internship

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Is Internship Important For a Fresher

What is Internship?

An internship is a method of on-the-job training. Internships may be paid or unpaid. It is more understood as a temporary position. It is generally referred to exchange of service and knowledge between student and an organization. Generally internships are taken up by students pursuing their graduation or by freshers who have completed their academics. There is no bar as to who can take up an internship.

Importance of Internship

* Experience – for a fresher

As a fresher, doing an internship is always an added advantage. It definitely adds to your resume and you gain hands on experience. Doing an internship also helps you understand if this particular job is of your interest and you would want to build your career in it.  

* Get Closer -  to your entry level job

It’s always recommended to do an internship as soon as you are out of college & are in search of your first job. Doing an internship gives you a feel of working in the professional environment and helps you explore the corporate culture. You get an understanding of how a process is followed and how different departments coordinate.

* Saves your time

As we all know the job market is on an average scale, grabbing an opportunity to do an internship program is an added advantage. You can always showcase the same on the resume. Once you are out of college you may get your first job probably after a month, 6 months or a year. To avoid this gap, doing an internship is always a smart thing to do. This is turn helps you to avoid gaps after you are out of your college.

* Grab the opportunity

While doing an internship do not expect anything more from the organization than a good experience. As a fresher you should hunger for gaining experience than anything else. All you need to work towards is gaining the maximum experience and an acknowledgement from the company that you have completed your internship jobs.