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GATE Computer-Science-Engineering

GATE 2013 years solved questions of Computer Science CS GATE-2013 Solved paper

1 Consider a hard disk with 16 recording surfaces(0-15)having 16384 cylinders (0-16383)and each cylinder cont ains 64 sectors (0-63). Data storage capacity in each sector is 512 bytes. 
Data are organized cylinder–wise and the addressing format is <cylinder no., sector no.>. A fi le of size 42797 KB is stored in the diskand the starting disk location of th e file is <1200, 9, 40>. What is the cylinder number of the last sector of the file, if it is stored in a contiguous us manner?

(A) 1281 
(B) 1282 
(C) 1283 
(D) 1284
Ans: (D)

2 Consider er the following sequence of micro–operations

3 Which one of the following is a possible operation performed by this sequence?
(A) Instruction fetch 
(B) Operand fetch
(C) Conditional branch 
(D) Initiation of interrupt service
Ans: (D)

Exp: PC content is stored i n memory y via MBR and PC gets new address from Y. It represents a function call (routine),which is matching with interrupt service initiation

4 The line graph L(G) of a simple graph G is defined as follows:
•There is exactly one vertex v(e) in L(G) for each edge e in G.
•For any two edges e and e in G, L(G) has an edge between v(e) and v(e ),if and only i f e and e are incident with the same vertex in G.Which of the following statements is/are TRUE?
(P) The line graph of a cycle is a cycle.
(Q) The line graph of a clique is a clique.
(R) The line graph of a planar graph is planar.
(S) The line graph of a tree is a tree.
(A) P only (B) P and R only (C) R only
(D) P, Q and S only
Ans: (B)

5 Suppose the instruction set architecture of the processor has only two registers. The only allowed compiler optimization is code motion, which moves statements from one place to another while preserving correctness. What is the minimum number of spills to memory in the compiled code?
(A) 0
(B) 1 
(C) 2 
(D) 3
Ans: (C)

6 What is the minimum number of registers needed in the instruction set architecture of the processor to compile this code segment without any spill to memory? Do not apply any optimization other than optimizing register allocation
(A) 3
(B) 4 
(C) 5 
(D) 6
Ans: (B)

7 Complete the sentence:
Universalism is to pa rti cularism as diffuseness is to 
(A) specificity
(B) neutrali ty 
(C) generality 
(D) adapt ation
Ans: (A)
The relation is that of antonyms

8. Were you a bird, you in the sky.
(A) would fly 
(B) shall fly
(C) should fl y 
(D) shall have flown
Ans: (A)

9 Which one of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word given below?
(A) Highest 
(B) Lowest 
(C) Medium 
(D) Integ ration
Ans: (B)
Nadir in the lowest point on a curve

10. Choose the grammatically INCORRECT sentence:
(A) He is of Asian origin
(B) They b belonged to Afri ca
(C) She is an Euro pean
(D) They migrated from India to Australia
Ans: (C)

11. What will be the maximum sum of 44, 42, 40, ... ?
(A) 502 
(B) 504 
(C) 506 
(D) 500
Ans: (C)

12 Out of all the 2-digit integers between 1 and 100, a 2-digit number has to be selected at random. What is the prob ability that the selected numb er is not divisible by 7?
(A) 13/90 
(B) 12/90 
(C) 78/90 
(D) 77/90
Ans: (D)