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Essar Candidate-Experiences

                                                   Essar Candidate-Experiences

hi friends..i was selected in Essar as GET- Mechanical, but sadly the company didnt gave us joining and withheld the recruitment owing to internal problems & firm's economic condition! :( bt its one of the biggest companies of the world.. i would like to share my experience here.. 

The Company procedure is Written Test (Aptitude Test & Technical Test),Group Discussion & Interview. The aptitude test consists of 3 sections – Verbal reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning comprising of 120 questions in 40 questions from each section. The technical aptitude questions are given to the students who cleared Aptitude test and it contains 50 questions. 30 MINS 50 QUESTIONS .All the stages are eliminatory. The questions are ok.. and tech is mainly from RK Jain.. so, go through it and RS agarwal.. also, check the papers available on internet.. They dont change the, you can expct the same questions! :) Some of the questions are : 

Aptitde Questions : 

1. SQRT (156.25) * SQRT (14.25) = 35 * X what is the value of X? X = 1.25 

2. A + 8450 ÷ 650 = 13 + A. What is the value of A? A = 0 

3. The sum of a number whose ? th is 45. What is the number? 
Ans: None 

4. The sum of a 2 digit number is equal to the difference between them. Find how many such numbers are possible? 
Ans: 10 

5. The sum of a 2 digit number is equal to twice the difference between them. Find how many such numbers are possible? 

6. 1000.01 – 100.01 – 10.01 = X. what is X? X = 889.99 

7. 0.25% of 10 – 10% of 0.25 = 25% of 100 – 100% of X. What is X? X = 25 

8. One – fifth of two – third of a number is equal to 24. What is the number? 

9. 100$8 – 2$39 = $319. What is $? $ = None of these 

10. Ajith and Ajay’s age are in the ratio of 3:5. Two years hence, their age are in the ratio 7:11. What is Ajith’s present age? 
Ajith’s age = 12. 

Technical Questions: 

1. In an ideal gas compared to a real gas at very high pressure occupies? 

2. Kinetic theory of gases assumes that collisions between the molecules are? 

3. The condition of perfect vacuum that is at absolute zero pressure can be attained at? 

4. Specific heat of air? Which law states that internal energy is function of Temperature? 

5. Minimum work done for an adiabatic process the value of n? 

6. Air Refrigerator works on? 

7. 1 watt = 1Nm/S 1 h.p = ?kw 

8. When crude oil heated which Hydro carbon comes first? 

9. What is the purpose of Supercharger? 

10. 1Kg of carbon to CO, Amount oxygen required? 

11. Horse power per tones of refrigeration? 

12. Scale formation on the surface of the boiler tubes due to ? 

13. Axial shift in steam turbine occurs due to? 

14. Latent heat of vapourization at low pressure and temperature? 

15. Shaft revolving in a bearing which pair? 

Our GD topic was about politics, election & college.. :) keep your statements simple & back your points with example.. 

Interview :

Tell them all your details honestly.. some tech qstns which theey askd : 

1. Difference between machining, casting &

2. forging..types of forging, etc.. 

HR questions were simple and mainly about your interests and what you write in CV! :) 

all d bst! :)