Ernst & Young Interview Experience Contributed by Jinse updated on Nov 2021
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Ernst & Young Interview Experience

                                                Ernst & Young Interview Experience

Tax Analyst Interview Experience

I applied through an employee referral – interviewed at EY (Bangalore (India)) in April 2015.There were 5 rounds :

1)In this round we were given 4 topics like,ur school life,common man problems in india,mobile use in todays world,another one i dont remember
2)Second round was e mail writing and aptitude, which consist 60 questions 60mins.mostly about journals then rest all common questions which comes in all apti test.
3)In this round they wont eliminate,they just ask 2,3 questions like,introduce urself,why ey,why u left ur previous job
4)Technical round which lasted about half n hour and questions were,depreciation? Is gold depreciated?tax on agriculture income,tax slabs,probability,and one sum was also given to solve
5)After the 4th round they asked for my previous company offer letter and 3 months pay slip ,now m waiting for mail of next process.

Interview Questions

* Depreciation? 
* Is gold depreciated?
* Tax on agriculture income
* Tax slabs
* Probability,and one sum was also given to solve