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SAMPLE PAPER FOR HAL & DRDO Hi, This is kishore I have appeared for HAL AND DRDO Examination held on 7th February 2010 . Below are some of the questions which had appeared in the examination and I am providing for u on the memory basis so that it would give u an idea for exam preparation . My advice is just stick to the basic concepts thank All the Bessst


1Castiron is best welded by -______
2Reaming is done by ________
3Relation between circular pitch and diametrical pitch ________
4 Internal energy is a function of ________
5COP of carnot refrigator ________
6 Ignition quality is a measure of ________
7Which is not a casting defect (select out of 4 opions)
8Heat pump is derived from which law________
9Milling cutter operates against________ cutter
10PERT & BAR charts are used for ________
11Rocket works on the principle ________
12 Heat transfer is related to which law________
13Micrometer does not consist of ________ (Select out of 4 options)
14 A fastener is specified by ________
15 I law of thermodynamics deals with________
16 Long columns may fail in ________
17 Equivalent length for a beam with one fixed end free end ________
18The following are boiler accessories ____(Select out of 4 options
19 Funtion of fusible plug________
20 A Bench vice has ________ threads
21Knuckle threads transmits________
22Slip gauges are joined by ________
23Angle plate is always used with ________
24Chaplets are used for ________
25Riser is used for ________
26Sprue is meant for ________
27 In blanking operation clearance is provided on ________
28 Use of comperator________
29Thickness of sheet metal lies in the range of ________
30Tail stock is used for holding tools for performing ________ operations
31Nose radius is indicated ________ in the tool signature
32For cutting brass ________ coolent is requied
33Knurling operators is used for ________
34The following is the stronget bond (Select out of 4 options
35No. of links for a simple machine __________
36 MIG uses  __________electrode
37 Flux used for brazing  __________
38  A section having no joint  __________
39Ratio of oxygen to Acetylene in neutral flame __________
40Cold working is carried out at __________ temperature
41Carbide tips are joined by  __________
42 In SAW welding arc is produced between  __________
43  __________ is poorest conductor of electricity (Select out of 4 options
44  (Select out of 4 option __________ is not function of normalizing
45Ornaments are made by __________
46 Cheek  is a  __________ part of moulding box
47 Metal removal rate is more in __________ machining
48 Hallow mandrees are used for__________
49Refactoriness of sand is more with __________ sand
50Orsat apparatus is used for __________
51  __________ is advantage of forging
52 In 18 – 4- 1 steel, 18 refers to __________
53 Steels with carbon % .6-1.5% are known as __________
54Maximum stress a metal can withstand beyond which permanent elongation starts _______
55For self-locking effiency of machine should be __________
56Maximum efficiency of screw jack when x = 30
57When a material is constrained tomove & heated __________ stresses are developed
58 When B.M is maximum S.F. is __________
59When load at free end of cantilever is increased failure occurs at __________
60Max B.M.  for simply supported beam with UDL over entire length is __________
61A material obeys hookes law upto __________
62Proof resilience is given by __________
63T/J relation is used to give __________
64Newton law of viscosity gives relationship between __________
65Centre of buyoance is ________
66 Metacentre height is defined as __________
67Velocity ratio is __________ propotional to diameter
68T1/T2 = __________ for  V – belt
69Poise is the unit of __________
70Differential manometer is used to measure __________
71Crowing on the pulley is used to __________
72 For maximum power belt speed is given by __________
73In V-belt contact between pulley & belt is __________
74Generally cotter & spigot joint tranmits  __________
75Gear train used in clocks __________
76Closed sytem is one which permits __________
77 -37F = __________ C
78Reversed braytone cycle is __________
79Flow pattern observedafter opening tap __________
80__________ requires heavier flywheel ( 2stroke or 4 stroke)
81Watts governor height is given by __________
82 Fly wheel is meant for __________
83Wet steam is completely specified by __________
84Critical pressure ratio is given for __________