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                                                 TECHNICAL INTERVIEW OF DRDO

                                                    Opp.LESTEC,Metcef House Delhi  
It has been realising for a long time that nobody has shared an interview experience of Chemical Engineering.I hereby cherishing those moments of interview that was rare till yet now & providing the pattern same as faced there.
           There were 5 members in Interview Board.As I entered the room,one of them asked me to have sit & started to speak all my educational & personal profile same as I had already filled in performa.Then the tight cornep began,they stared shootig questions one by one.
1.What is the velocity profile for a fluid flowing in a very long pipe?
2.What are the values of Re for laminar & trublent flow?
3.Where will be the maximum velocity of fluid in the pipe?
4.What is Mach number & itz utilization?
5.What is the speed of sound in air?
6.At which place the sound speed is greater, in air or in any metallic vessel?
7.Have you read the word syphon?
8.What is the driving force of syphon?
9.What is the speed of light?
10.How much time does the light take to reach on the earth?
11.Do yo know the pereodic table entirely?
12.Wht is Na?
13.What is atomic weight & velency of of Na?
14.On which basis atomic number & moleculer weight are determined?
15.What is the mass of eqvivelent?
16.What's the value of it for NaOH?
17.Why did you choose Chemical Engineering?
18.Who is said to be a Chemical Engineer?
19.What is the powerhouse of bobycell?
20.What do you mean by 2-4 Heat Exchanger?
21.Why baffles are used in heat exchangers?
22.How much area by % is occupied by baffels?
23.For which flow LMTD is greater, crossflow or parallel?
24.What will be the unit of rate constant for first order reaction?
25.Which law of thermodynamics is based on the principle of energy conservation?
26.Which is the identical law in Fluid Mechanics?
Some Tips:-
1.If you don't know proper answer, never guess and say directy that you don't know about the matter.
2.Neve tell them any trifficult hoby when asked.
3.Be frenk while asking any clairification of asked question.
4.Don't share questions outer the interview room untill all process of interview is acomplished,it'll be better for both you & others.
          Good Luck