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Dell Interview-HR Interview

                                                   Dell HR Interview Questions


There are 5 round and all of them are elimination rounds so be careful!!!!



This will be a 15 minutes or 10 minutes round depending on the interviewer choice . the interviewer can ask you following questions:

a. Tel me something about yourself
if you have mentioned certain hobbies prepare some topics on those hobbies because they will ask you about them for example if you said during the interview that my hobbies is to read books....then prepare central idea of that particular book which you read because they will definitely peep more into your hobbies..etc

b. What did you leave your previous company (if you are working)
-in case you want to join technical support say "sir.i have an aptitude for computers .i always wanted to be in a technical support line.. it will be a learning experience for meso I left my old company" remember never give any bad point of your previous company to them...this may throw you out

c.why do you want to join dell?
a-Dell is a captive cal centrality is a brand name. it has excellent growth opportunities and i always want to join a company with which I can grow. besides that I have heard from my friends about great working environment of dell. It wil be a great learning experience as well as privilege to join dell.

d. Tell me about an experience with an irated customer........if you have worked somewhere before

Note- the following questions can be asked for people who want to apply for technical support positions BE CAREFUL!!!! while giving technical interview don't mention technical things of which you don't have any technical knowledge . just donot try to act over smart speak that much which you know

e. Can you tell me configuration of your computer? for tech support people

f. Why we use a heat sink in computer?

g. What is ups (uninterruptable power supply)?

h. you should also be prepared with some knowledge about dell

i .what do you know about dell

Some gyan about dell

some big names, Michael DELL-the founder CEO AND CHAIRMEN of dell inc

ROMI MALHOTRA-director of dell India operations

Dell is a trusted and diversified information technology supplier and partner in employing 65200 employees worldwide working toward selling a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to customers worldwide. Dell is recognized br Fortune magazine as America's most admired company and no 3 globaly,designs,builds and delievers innovative,tailoredsystems that provide customers with exceptional value. Company revenues for the last four quarters were $54.2 billion

Dell India Pvt Limited was incorporated in 1996.Dell's direct operations in India started in ht e year 2000 from Banglore. Ever since its launch in India, Dell India has been going at a tremendous pace


In this round ur interview will be taken again by some other person for 15 or more minutes and you will be accessed on your confidence level in a group and always smile while giving the interview .
The questions will be almost same as in the first round

NOTE- In both these rounds they check your ACCENT (it should be neutral no mother tongue influence in it {MTI}) AND also check your grammer skills.