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Cummins Placement Paper

Cummins Placement paper

Four branches are allowed ECE/Electrical,Mechanical/Production engg.The paper was different for mech/production and electronics/electrical engg.
It was divided into two parts :

I was in electronics/electrical batch.Myself ECE student.Most of the questions were from Electrical engg.So I don’t remember all most of them.

                                                            Technical  Questions

Q1)the unit of 1 watt is (a)    1 Nm/s (b)   1 Nm/hr Every ques was given with 4 options.
Q2)the direction of electric field is (a)same as direction of current (b)opposite to that of  current © don’t remember the other options 

Q3)The motion of electron  in magnetic field is (a)moves in straight line (b)in sine wave ©perpendicular to the plane of propagation 

Q4) What is SCADA? (a)Supervisory Control And Data Aquistion

Q4) SCR diode is (a)    PNPN diode (b)   PNPP diode (c)    None of these 

Q5)memory of 8085 microprocessor can be extended to 64k by (a)using memory mapped …… (b) cannot be increased ©none of these 

Q6)serial connector used for connecting 30 devices is (a)RS 232 (b)RS 422 (c)RS …..don’t remember (d) None of these Q7)question related to squirrel cage (a)    V/f (b)   I/f (c)    Armature resistance 

Q8)rotation in machines is related to (a)mechanical degrees (b)electrical degrees (c)both 


This section consists of 30 questions 
Q1)Meaning of Avert (a)    turn away (b)   transform
Q2)Meaning of consonance 
Q3)opposite of Protract 
Q4)the sum of squares of numbers in the ratio 2:3:4 is144.Find the numbers.
Q5)To a sugar solution of 3 litres containing 40% sugar,one litre of water is added.The percentage of sugar in new solution is: (a)13?% (b)15% (c)30% (d)33% 

Q6) Question on depreciation from chapter of percentages
Q7) If x>y,y>z,z>w then (a)x>w don’t remember exactly the statement, ques was based on comparison
Q8)If x is less than 2 then which of following statements are always true? (a)    x is negative (b)   x is positive (c)    x2 is greater than or equal to 2 (d)   x2 is lesser than or equal to 2 

Q9)A sum of money is to be distributed in proportion 3:5.If one gets Rs.20 more than other then what is the sum of money? (a)100 (b)80 (c)60 

Q10)2 men and 3 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days while 3 men and 2 boys can do the same work in 8 days.In how many days can 2 men and 1 boy do the work? 

Q11)Pipe A can fill the cistern in 8 min and pipe B can fill the cistern in 6 min.If pipe A is opened for 1 min and pipe B is opened for 1 min then the total time to fill the cistern is: 

Q12)Two cars A and B start at the same time in opposite directions and cover 4 miles.Now each car turn left and covers 3 miles.What is their aerial distance? 

Q13) Find the next figure : 4 pictures were given this was 
Q14)A figure was given How many colors are needed so that no adjacent faces have same color? (a)    3 (b)   4 (c)    5 

Q15)If ‘PEOPLE’ is written as ‘PLPOTE’ then ‘TREND’ is :

Q16)If UPSTREAM: SOURCE then (a)    uphill:peak (b)   don’t remember other options 
Q17)A cube is cut into smaller cubes such that each edge if cube is increased by 50% ,find the % increase in surface area? (A)  200% (B)   100% (C)  125% 

Q18)A dice was given showing dots on 3 faces.3 figures were given.find the no of dots opposite to face showing 4 dots. 

No GD round was there.Only interview.           
Best of Luck.