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Cummins Placement Paper


Cummins Placement Paper
No of Questions :60
a)Aptitude :30 Questions 30 Minutes
b)Technical :30 Questions 30 Minutes
No negative marking.

Paper Type : Technical - Electrical
Test Date : 9 February 2011
Test Location : Northern India Engineering College, Delhi

Q1)the unit of 1 watt is
(a)    1 Nm/s
(b)   1 Nm/hr
Every ques was given with 4 options.
Q2)the direction of electric field is
(a)same as direction of current
(b)opposite to that of  current
© don’t remember the other options

Q3)The motion of electron  in magnetic field is
(a)moves in straight line
(b)in sine wave
©perpendicular to the plane of propagation

Q4) What is SCADA?
(a)Supervisory Control And Data Aquistion

Q4) SCR diode is
(a)    PNPN diode
(b)   PNPP diode
(c)    None of these

Q5)memory of 8085 microprocessor can be extended to 64k by
(a)using memory mapped ……
(b) cannot be increased
©none of these

Q6)serial connector used for connecting 30 devices is
(a)RS 232
(b)RS 422
(c)RS …..don’t remember
(d) None of these
Q7)question related to squirrel cage
(a)    V/f
(b)   I/f
(c)    Armature resistance

Q8)rotation in machines is related to
(a)mechanical degrees
(b)electrical degrees

Paper Type : Technical - Electronics
Test Date : 9 February 2011
Test Location : Northern India Engineering College, Delhi

1. What is dimension of Watt?------------- nm/sec
2. What is Calorie?=====quantity of heat
3. IGBT stands for?
4. A Question about Propagation constant
5. Which is not a piezoelectric material?===Graphite
6. How does a moving electron behaves in a magnetic field?=== move along the plane
7. A question on thermistor
8. Which convertor can be used in both 6 and 12 pulse mode?===3 phase 12 pulse
9. SCADA stands for?
10. Not a power amplifier?======Bc amplifier
11. Voltage changed from 220 to 440 on primary winding of a transformer. What would be the effect on frequency?=====No change(50 Hz)
12. Current is have then Power loss reduces from 1600 to?=====400
13. For communication of 30 devices-?rs232,rs422?
14. To Increase 8085 memory?======use memory mapping
15. Z transform—property?------------------scalene
16. Syncros?==== to measure angle and give current
17. About Pascal’s tube
18. To identify signal in the fig?====Unit sample response
19. Direction of Current is given.Then Direction of electric field?==== opposite
20. Determining factor in Squirrel cage Induction motor?=====v/f
21. Scr diode is also known as?=====pnpn
22. To measure rotor angle?=====mechanical degrees
23. Ratio of steam utilized to heat unutilized?======boiler efficiency
24. How many nibbles are there in 111001010100?
25. Vararester is used to control?=======overcurrent,noise