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Hi! This is Akshay Hangarge (3rd year electrical) student from Walchand college of engineering,sangli placed in the world's fastest growing company COGNIZANT.I am very glad to be a part of CTS family.With no waste of time let's discuss the selection procedure .

Total attended = 320

Cleared Aptitude = 112

Selected = 50 

The selection process consists of two rounds

(1) Written test

(2) Technical + HR round


Written test consists of three sections 

VERBAL SECTION (25 questions-25min)
(1-10) comprehension (passages r too long)

(11-15) find the incorrect sentences

(16-20) find the correct sentences

(21-25) arrange the jumbled sentences


This is a quiet tough section. Just make guesses. Mark option B or C.Always read passage at last.Read questions first.


ANALTICAL SECTION (25 questions-30min) 

(1-5) Venn diagram 

A group is divided into three. The first group is persons of 5'6 height and second and third r 6'0 and 6'6 respectively. There r totally 130 peoples, 50 of them r 5'6 and 65 of them r 6'6, 10 of them r 5'6 and 6'6, 15 of them r 5'6 and 6, 20 of them r 6'6 and 6, and 5 of them r all the three.

(1) How many of them r 6 feet? (Ans 70)

(2) How many of them r only 6 feet? (Ans 30)

(3) How many of them are only 5’6? (Ans 20)

(4) How many of them are only 6’6? (Ans 30)

(5) How many of them are at least two? (Ans 50)  

Important formula in Venn diagram is


(6-10) quantitative questions  

Questions on Blood relations(quite difficult) 

Other questions r from profit loss and other general questions. Sorry I don’t remember  

(11-15) data sufficiency--Very easy one

(16-20) binary conversion

Please don’t read anything in the question. Just change any value to binary and convert that 1 to $ and 0 to *.

(Eg) LCM of (12 15 10) (ans 60 = 111100 = $$$$**)

(21-25) cubes

Questions like :if a dice is thrown 2 on top,3&5 at left &right,in another turn 5 on top,3&4 at left&right and one another condition(dont remember exactly)

21-25 What is opposite to 5?.....

NON VERBAL SECTION (20 questions-20 min)  

(1-4) syllogism (study all rules in the aggarwal book but TIME book will help u a lot)

(Eg) All mosquitoes’ are lizards.

All lizards are insects.

(Ans: all mosquitoes’ are insects)

(5-6) logical deduction (study all rules from TIME book)

(7-15) figure sequence and odd one out from figures (very easy)(just go through R S Agarwal)  

(16-17) Seating arrangement

(18-20) logical puzzle


After two hours the sortlist was declared by them .I was almost sure that I would be clearing the aptitude.


HR + TECHNICAL INTERVIEW (please write carefully your HR form)

Be confident at the time of interview and maintain smile on your face.First ly i was tensed bcoz my technical was not so good & all the panelyst were MTech. Elect. from IIT.


INTERVIEWER: Hello Akshay!

Me: Good Afternoon Sir.

INTERVIEWER: Good afternoon.Please be sitted.

Me: Thank you, Sir .

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about yourself?

Me: Told(academic).......Apart from studies bckgrnd I am also a good sportsman .I led under 14 cricket team of latur district and got runner -up prize for Kho-Kho cometition.

INTERVIEWER: Are you a player of your college team?

Me: No Sir,Only last year students are allowed to play in the team.

INTERVIEWER: Were you a part of your college's annul social gathering sports?

Me: Yes Sir, I was captain of the T.E Trical Cricket team.

INTERVIEWER: What role did you play in it?

Me: I was the opening batsman and also the WC in team who has responsibility of heading the team.

INTERVIEWER: What do you expect from CTS?

Me: My whole knowledge and skills should be utilised by CTS.There should be great environment.

INTERVIEWER: Have you appeared for TCS and Infy.?

Me: No,Sir.Waiting for CTS.


Me: As it is world's fastest growing company it is growing exponentially, I am also fast in my life.CTS and My principles match exactly,that's why CTS.

INTERVIEWER: As you are fast, tell me five things about microprocessor very fast

Me: Told.....confidently and surely but fastly

INTERVIEWER: Tell me 5 applications of OP-AMP?

Me: Told....(they check confidence)(when i gave 3 he said 1 just for checking confidence.

INTERVIEWER: Which is your favourite subject?

Me: Power System

INTERVIEWER :I have conducted interview of 5 electrical student all have same favourite subject ,Why?

Me: I don't know about them but as per my opinion everything in Power system is visible lively.

INTERVIEWER: What is skin effect,corona............?Have you seen it?

Me: Explained ..

INTERVIEWER: What did you get from Linear Control Systems?

Me: Answered..

INTERVIEWER: Do you have any question?

Me: Sir,I have one more year to complete my course What do you expect me to do in thisone year to fit into CTS

INTERVIEWER: If selected no need to do anything.You just be cleared with your basics.

Me: Thank You, Sir

INTERVIEWER: Wait for the result.

Me: Thank You,Sir and HAPPY HOLI