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Hi Guys.... This is Suchita here..... Hurray Got into Cognizant. Dont worry.... They are very cool people. Will make u comfortable. Ok..... Not wasting much of the time. Let me tell u the pattern for Aptitude.

Aptitude consisted of:
Analytical Section:
Cubes related questions are very important.
Venn diagram questions
Data sufficiency

Verbal Section:
Find out the incorrect sentence
Find out the correct sentence
You need to have good vocabulary for the verbal section

Logical Section:
This was the most easiest of all.
You can definitely score in this section
Find the odd man out
Analogy of figures (Simple)
then questions like
All birds are sparrows
All peacock are birds.
-> Just find out the appropriate sentence which gives out the best meaning.
And finally there was a word problem. Quite Easy!!!!!!

Note: In  our aptitude test there was no negative marking scheme. So enjoy. Out of 200 only 104 people wer shortlisted:

The person who took my interview was very cool. He made me comfortable:
He: Hello, How aare you?
Me: M fine thank you.
He: Tell me about yourself.
Me: Answered
He: Ok, tell me what is Object orientation
Me: Answered
He: What is inheritance and draw multiple inheritance?
Me: Answered
He: What is overriding and overloading?
Me: Answered
He: Can you override a function in the same class?
Me: No
He: Can you overload a function in the same class?
Me: Yes
He: You are from diploma so tell me something about your project
Me: Answered
He: Is firewall a hardware, software, or some protocol?
Me: Answered
He: What is RDBMS?
Me: Answered
He: What are the important components required for showing your project graphically?
Me: The entity, relationship betn them, primary key, foreign key........
He: Ok so do you want to ask me something?
Me: If i m selected, what are the languages that i must study?
He: Answered.
Me: Thank You Sir.
They are very cool guys. Technical and HR is in one round 

Out of 104 students, 43 were selected. My name was one of them. Hurray!!!!!Believe me guys i wasnt through TCS and Accenture...... But made it for CTS.  Never lose your confidence.

All the Best Guys!!!!