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Hi to all friends

This is Hemanth frm jntucea

CTS visited our campus on 20th june 2007.Its an on campus interview.A panel of nearly 13 persons came.


I want to give the whole procedure frm mrng to night 10 so that it will u help some of u frens. First of all i want to thank all those who contributed papers in CTS column. Believe me r not they r really very very helpful to me.Plz refer to all those papers and especially those which r conducted in urown state. okk

First the day b4 cts came to our clg,Merit Trac people came to our clg & looked after arreangements for conducting test & interviews.Its a consulting service which gives paper for cts for all campuses.They will take the whole responsibility.


Coming to the test date i.e.June 20.First we had a ppt at 9.45 am. It went upto 10.30.The session was really enthusiaistic.There was a dynamism in their ppt.All r young people only.Especiall Suprita,HR. was really dyanamic.She changed the whole ppt with her interactive presentation.They have also conducted quiz & gave prizes. I got a beautiful hat with their brand name on that.and also they ahve questinaiire abt their company.We r really entusistic & asked ques up to 11.20.They then said ok its enough for now ask rem in inteview.


After then there was a written exam.It was conducted by Merit TRac as i alredy told.Caution:Plz follw the instructions they give very carefully.They will not tolerate disobedience.Okk .


Coming to the test There were 3 sections

1.Analytical Ability(25 Q, 30 Minutes)

2.Verbal Ability(20 Q,20 Min)

3.Attention Details(20 Q,20 Min)


1.Coming to analyitcal section, first 1-5 qusetins on venn diagram

The quest is easy some like round tables,some square tables,some rectangular tables,some like two of them,some like none of them.Total number of persons also given.So itz very easy if u r good at drawing venn diagram and drawing conclusion.5 quest followed this.Once u calculate by drawing the diagram all the rem is easy


6-10 quet r based on arrangement.The quest is there r 4 prizes,4 types of dresses,4 prsons names,4 types of collections.We have to match one with other.5 quest followed this.


11-15 are Data Sufficiency.All r easy only


16-20 are Decimal to Binary conversion.The easiest in this section.The quest is if 0 represents * and 1 represents $ then wat does the follow indicate.Plz dont try to understand th quest just convert the given numbers into binary.Thats it. Very easy. Th quest r like additio of two numbers,division of two numbers.NOTE:Dont try to find the whole solution the given priblem.Just check the answers.They r entirely diff frm one another.


21-25 r cube cutting prob.A cube is cut into 1728 parts.Some conditions r given .But i was not able understand the conditions.5 Quest followed this.

Thats all abt I section


2.Second section is english.Two big passages r given.10 quest followed that(5 quest each passage).5 jumbled sentences quest.They r easy.Just come from the answers given.Then it will be easy for u to findthe correct solution.10 quest based on coorection,incorrect quest(5 correct,5 incorrect).


3.This is the easiest of all the sections. 5 quest on syllogisms,2 quest on conclusion frm given sentence.

e.g.if sachin plays well,indiawins the match.(This is just eg,not the quest given to us).They will give four options following the quest.

2 quest on figure analogy,2 quest on fig completion series,8 quest on find the odd fig out.3 qust on a passage.(This last quest is difficult in this section).


NOTE: For I section follw Verbal reasoning by Agarwal.Thats more than enough.But watever u do ,do it with sincerity

            For II section follow any gramr book (but standrd one)The key here is find correct,incorrect sentences.So follow those books carefully understanding the rules.There is no specific book for this.For jumbles sentences,Just follow the options and draw the correct answer.

            For III section,follow book of Nonverbal reasoning by Agarwal.Thats enough.


The results were announced at 3.30 pm.Total 425 appeared, 229 cleared the written.I was one among them. The test started at 11.45 am & went up to 12.55(70 minutes).

With the answer sheet they will give us a data sheet.The data sheet contains

               1.All urpersonal details

               2.All ursem wise percents

               3.Wat r urareas of interest,extra curricular activities,hobbies


               5.Why CTS

               6.What can CTS expect frm u

               7.Wat r good qualities to b a software engineer & why do u think they r needed.

NOTE:Plz fill form carefully coz they will ask quest frm this only & remember wat all u have written.They will b cross checking that.


I am student frm Mechanical Engineering. 

Interviews started at 4 pm & mine came at 6.15 pm.There r 11-13 panels(dont know the exact number).Mine was a cool panel.The interviews were going in a large hall.So i can see the others.When i reached my panel,I wished him Gud evening sir.He asked me to sit down.I sid thank u sir & took the chair.The whole procedure is as follows

INT:ok hemanth. urfrm mechanical engg.so y do u wanna join software field

ME:i answered him

INT:so urstrength is adaptability.how can u adapt urself in a new situation


INT:r u good at c

ME:yes sir. i am good at fundamentals.

INT:ok no problem let me ask some of ursubj.U have written u r interested in Heat Transfer.Tell me abt that & give some practicla eg


INT:tell me the procedure how heat dissipate frm computer cabins?


INT:tell me abt fins?


INT:tell me abt insulation


INT:uralso interested in IC engines.Tell me abt thermodynamics laws.


INT:in the middle of the answer he stopped and asked abt MESA(its program we conduct in dept weekly twice)

ME:this is the best opprotunity.I answered for 1-2 minutes.I think i satisfied him.

After then he asked some quest abt intemediate physics telling that as u r a mech engg u should b gud at physics.I answered all except 2 quest.

Thats all abt my interview.It went up to nearly 15 minutes.The key is eye contact,pleasing smile,confidence.

At the end of the procedure.The results were announced.

Total of 97 selected from 229.


At the end of the day they have also given offer letters and the key is NO BOND. Ok frenz b cool, b confident, know more abt company b4 ppt.Thats key to my success.

c u @ cts.bye