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This is Rajarshi Guin of CSE in Asansol Engineering College(2007-2011).

I had attended the off-campus of Cognizant held in Kolkata.

There were 3 steps-
1)Aptitude Test
2)Technical Interview
3)HR Interview

Aptitude Test-

The aptitude test was held on 27th November,2011 at Calcutta Girls High School.

The test consisted of two parts-

1) Analytical-30 minutes 30 questions
The questions were from

a)     Syllogism,

b)     Finding the odd figure out,

c)     Statement inference,

d)     Data Sufficiency,

e)     Coding, and Decoding,

f)       Figure sequence,

g)     Finding the fig that match the given figure,

h)     Data interpretation, etc.

At the end of 30 min they took the analytical paper & gave the next one.

2)Verbal-30 Minutes 25 Questions
There were 2 passages, identifying correct & incorrect sentence, jumble sentence etc.

Among the passages the first one was short & easy

But the 2nd one was quite lengthy & tough. So, try to attempt the 2nd passage at the end.
Also in the answer sheet there was one question-"What qualities should a software professional have and how do you fulfill them?"
I cleared the aptitude test by scoring 27 overall.

Technical Interview-
The technical interview was held on 2nd Dec at the Cognizant Campus, Bantala, Kolkata.

We had to report near Science City at 7:45 am from where the Cognizant bus took us to their campus. My technical was at the last round & took place at around 5:30 pm. I was totally exhausted after staying there the whole day. My interview was taken by a Sir.
Me-Good Evening, Sir.
Sir-Good Evening. Take a seat.
Me-Thank you, Sir.
Sir-What is your favorite subject?
Me-Database Management System, Sir.
Sir-Explain 2NF with an example.
Sir-(Gave a table which was in 2NF but not 3NF) Normalize it till 3NF.
Me-Did it.
Sir-What is Procedure?
Me-Don't know, Sir.
Sir-Write a trigger & explain it also showing an action which the trigger will perform when executed.
Me-Wrote one & explained.
Sir-Explain inner join & write a query of inner join.
Me-did that.
Sir-Write a program in C to find factorial of a number.
Sir-Explain method overloading and overwritting with example.
Me-Sir, I am week in Java so I can't do it.
Sir-Ok, tell me another subject.
Me-Compiler Design.
Sir-Explain the full process of compilation of a program.
Sir-In C how can you write the output of a program to a printer?
Me-tried to give some answers like storing the output in some file & then print it like this but finally gave up.
Sir-(Shaking hand)Thank you. It was nice to meet you. Wait for your result.
Me-Thank you, Sir.
After around 1/2 hour  result was declared & I cleared the technical round.

HR Interview-
My HR was held then & there only at around 7:15pm. It was also taken by a Sir.
Me-Good Evening, Sir.
Sir-Good Evening. Take a seat.
Me-Thank you, Sir.
Sir-So, how was the day? Hectic?
Me-Had a short chat with him about the day and also told about my friends who had come with me and how their interview went.
Sir-Where do you stay?
Me-I stay at Krishnapur in Kolkata.
Sir-What are your career objectives?
Sir-Whom do you stay with?
Me-I stay with my mom & dad.
Sir-What does your father do?
Me-Sir, he is a Scientific Officer in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.
Sir-So, why are you not going for PhD?
Me-told & had a short discussion with him about this.
Sir-Tell me one very good reason why I shall not hire you.
Me-Sir, I do work very fast & in the process sometimes make mistakes but most of the time complete it before schedule.
Sir-Ok. You may leave now. Keep checking your mails.
Me-Thank you, Sir. Good night.
With this it was over for the day.

Finally, on 8th Dec got the mail that I had been selected. This was my 2nd job after Wipro.

But was very excited as I had always wanted to be in Cognizant.
Good luck all of you. Hope to meet you soon at Cognizant.