Whole-Testpaper |   15115


The pattern is different from the previous ones and R.S Agarwal dint help this time.
20 mins vocabulary, 20mins mental ability, 20 mins analtycal and arithmetic mixed.

Vocabulary was very easy. 2 passages were also given.
i dont remember most of the questions. Some of them are:

1) if + changed to / and - changed to * then which of the following is TRUE - type of questions (5 questions in this type)

2) Learn the SET THEORY as 5 questions were asked

3) the mental abilty was also easy to some extent eg: CCCC9CC9, CCC9CC9,CCCC9CC9 - We have to shade answer a if all three are same else b if 1st and 2nd term are same etc;

4) 3 problems like x+y>1 i) if x , y are positive numbers ii) x=y

we have to tell whether the answer can be got from i or ii or both i and ii or neither from both

thats all i can rember..

(Paper Submitted By : Anjali)