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CTS PAPER 1st JULY 2006 Visakhapatnam

hi frns......

I’m really very happy for getting into CTS from the campus recruitment in Andhra University. I want to share my experiences in the written and interview.

my written test started at 9.30am on 1st july. it consists sections.

1. Verbal ability

2 comprehensions, correct the sentences, finding the incorrect sentences,rearranging the order of sentences.

2. Aptitude

cubes sum , simple quants sum , venn diagrams, *= 0 and $ =1 code the nos accordingly

3. Mental ability

finding the odd man out from figures, completing the series of figures,finding the odd man out from the figures..

the written was very easy just if u can manage time u can get thru. Otherwise the time will not be sufficient for the xam(especially for the verbal section). Our results came by 1.30pm. out of 559 appeared 229 got thru the written.


my interview time was 3.45. i went into the interview hall by 4.45. here is my order of interview questions(tech and HR combined).


1. why did u came for m.tech with out taking a job after completing ur b.tech.

2. r u interested in Cricket

3. what level did u play

4. r u batsman or bowler


after these questions he came to technical


1. he asked me about memory management in OS

2. 3rd normal form

3. foreign key constraint

4. diff b/w primary key and unique

5. he made me to write a query. ( top 4salary persons from the same table)


then he asked me the interested sub's. i told C and C++.


1. he asked me abt the diff b/w a abstract class and interface( i was shocked by that question and i answered him partially)

2. he asked me another question from interfaces( i just told him that i doesn't know interfaces deeply)

3. he asked me the interested topics in OOPs( i told polymorphism and inheritance)

4. what is polymorphism

5. he made me to write a program on that


he switched to UML. i told him that i just know the basics


6. he asked abt collaboration diagram

7. Sequence diag

8. Software development life cycle


thats all. my interview was for around 20-25mins. he was so coool and i left him with a firm shake hand.


results came by night 10.30 and my name is there.


CTS took 71 members out of 229.


for the written exam R S Agarwal is enough for the appt section.

there are some questions on binary number system and the cube's painting problem is very very important. he asked about 5 ques on that in the mental ability section and 5 on binary num system(shifting and all those). for the verbal section u prefer barrons 12th edition. Verbal section contains the identifying right and wrong sentences(10 ques on that) and comprehension passages(too difficult).


very important is that especially the computer science students must know the Operating systems, C , C++, UML and DBMS. these are very important subjects and the interviewer completely asked questions from these subjects. just basics.


If u keep ur basics right u wil deffinetely select in CTS.


think it wil help u.