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CTS-2006 (on-campus) Date-14.06.2006

Test pattern
    Quantative aptitude-25min-25q-25m
    Mental ability-25min-20q-20m
No negative marking

Verbal section (25)
1) 2 comprehension passages, 5q each..
                a.)One on cartoon characters-easy
                b.)One on origin of species-easy
     these take less time n even the q are easy

2) Jumbled sequences-5q
     We have to arrange given 5 sentences in correct sequence

3) Sentence corrections
     a.) We have to identify correct sentence(s)-5q
     b.) We have to identify incorrect sentence(s)-5q
   these are on contextual meanings(ex: break ,break fast ,break off) and usage of the same word in different contexts (ex: enquired of, enquired about, enquired with )

Quant section (25q)

4) A question based on venn diagram, there were some people some speak English, some british and some French.
Easy one, just we need to draw the venn and we will be getting all the bits(4 q)

5) one based on functions, there were some steps just like in a algorithm, we need to follow them to arrive at the answer.

 Step 1: x=0, y=0,z=0
Step 2: z = x*(x-1)
Step 3: y= x+2
Step 4: inc x, y ,z
Step 5: if x>0 goto step 2
Step 6:if y>0 goto step 3
What will be the value of x, y, z after 50 iterations.
Im not sure abt the question........(1 ques.)

6)A question based on train routes. there were three stns  A,B,C, we can go frm A to B in 5 diff ways from B to C  in 4 diff ways and A to C in some ways . There were some bits based on this data. Easy one (5 q).

7) Data sufficiency problems-4q

     These are easy n simple

8) In a 100m race X beats Y by 10m,Y beats Z by 10m.by how much does X beat Z
in a 100m race?  A)19m b)20m c)21m d)18m

9) If $=1,*=0, then code the following (5q)

                 a) One on LCM of given nos
                 b) One on subtraction
                 c) One on addition
                 d)  Two on simplification of arithmetic expression
      All the above are given in decimal system n the result is in binary ($*)

10)  A red cube of volume 1000 is given. 2nd column from left is taken out from one
of the faces n now it is painted black.5q r given based on this...
       All these are on the differences between no of cubes painted black on certain no of sides n painted black on certain no of sides.
Mental ability (25q)
12)Picture based anology-1q
13)Picture based odd man out-7q(all easy)
14)2q are on inferences
               1.) when I m in America, a politician was killed
                      a.)I m in America
                      b.)A politician was killed
                      c.)I m not in America
                      d.)A politician was not killed
                2.) when I m in hotel, I eat
                       a.)I m in hotel
                       b.)I eat
                       c.)I m not in hotel
                       d.)I don't eat

Analytical reasoning

15) A,B,C,D,E are express trains,P,Q,R are passenger trains.
     A is the fastest train,but not the costliest....certain relations are given between costs of tickets of diff trains,n certain relations are given on speeds.5q -2 on speeds, 3 on costs.  
Technical interview+HR (30 mins)
1.)tell me abt u r self
2.) u r hobbies
3.) tell me u r fav subject
             a.)I said digital electronics
4.) why do u like digital electronics?
             a.)I said I m interested in digital electronics n its implementation in computer organization n architecture.
           All the questions are on the above sentence-basics of D.E, C.O n microprocessors
5.) How do u implement a given function n what factors should b considered in the implementation?
6.) can u tel me sthing abt interconnection difficulties, fan in n fan out?
7.) What is a microprocessor?
8.) What does 16bit n 32bit microprocessor mean?
9.) 2q on i/o module..
10.)3q on interrupts-all basics
11.) RISC vs. CISC comparison
12.) Diff b/w 8086 n 8085..
13.) why did u choose jntu?
14.) why did u choose E.C.E?
15.) r u flexible to work even in pune if necessary?
16.) u r given 10 technically sound ppl,10 ppl with high team spirits 10 ppl with leader ship qualities..u have to pickup 5ppl.whom do u choose?
    a.)I said..sir I will organize some group activities n sort out a group
       based on their performance...one will make others to learn what they lack a
       person of high team spirits may bring the technically sound person into
       Team spirits n technically sound person will help that person in gaining
          Technical Knowledge required..
17.)Now u r given only 1 chance pick one among two..
      a.)I said that I would choose d person with high team spirits.
18) briefly describe about various sorting techniques.
Technical interview+HR (40 mins)
1)    first question was , how did u fair in ur written  and how much r u expecting
2)    tell me about urself
3)    questions on hobbies, strengths, weaknesses
4)    diff between 8085 and 8086
5)    diff between 16 bit and 32 bit address bus
6)    what is an operating system
7)    diff between transfer layer, application layer
8)    list out some protocols
9)    what u mean by tcp/ip
10)    what are the diff softwares in MS Office
11)    what u mean by cache memory and virtual memory
12)    diff between normal tv and plasma tv
13)    define resolution Ch etanaS
14)    list out all searching and sorting techniques
15)    write a c program to accept a string from keyboard and then print on screen in sorted order
16)    difference between java and c
17)    oops concept
18)    what u mean by class
19)    who is the present vice president of India
20)    give ur two preferences among the seven places where cts has its offices
21)    are u ready to work in coimbatore in night shifts?
22)    What is ur aim in life
23)    Where u see urself ten yrs down the line
And some more simple questions regarding me.

 Wish u the very best  ....    Kunal.