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Hi Frnds,

I have written CTS on campus aptitude exam which was held on 25th of July. The aptitude was very easy, but it was difficult for some students. As I am an CAT aspirant I felt tat it is an easy paper. Even though the whole selection process was based only on the merit, you really don't have to bother about the aptitude if you have good percentage. In our college the pple who din write the exam properly but havin % >68 are called for interview & hr. Even if you do extreamly well in the apti exam but havin % less tan 65, then it is waste writin it. But I guess it depends on the clge too.

Total present : 300 (appx)
Selected for interview 120(appx)
Final selection : 45-50.

The aptitude is divided into three sections,  without cut off.. so u could try putting guesses.
1) Verbal
2) Quant
3) Logical reasoning.

1) Verbal:
Almost all the verbal section questions are correction of sentences (10 questions). 4 jumbled sentences, you have to arrange em in proper order to make it look meaning ful. 2 Reading Comprehensions(10 questions) were given. But try doing RCs only after you are done with the correction of sentences stuff. I would give you some CAT, TIME institute material numbers which you could refer em and do the exam perfectly. 
For correction of sentences : time material SM100713. (exercise-8) & V102
For jumbled sentences : time material SM100713 (exercise-1) & SM100703(exercise-19).
Reading Comprehensions any thing is ok. But yu must be fast at reading.

2) Anal:
Cube questions : CAT material SM100708 (chapter : 11)
Data sufficiency : CAT material SM100707 every thing. But know only basics tat is enough..
Series is given 54 27 30 15 18 9 ___ ans: 12

$ and * problem is given.... If you know to convert a number from binary to decimal and decimal to binary then this can be done with ease..
Eg:   $ is 1 , * is 0   then how can v represent  15??? 
Jus convert 15 in to binary ..it wil b 1111 so answer is $$$$  bcos $ is 1
About 5 questions are given based on this..
The rest I don remember...

3) Logical reasoning:
This is the easiest section of all.. logical connectives, deductions are given...
Deductions means.....
Eg: All men are sane
       Some sane are insane.
Then which of the following logically follows the given two...
a) Some men are insane.
b) No man is insane.
c) All men are insane.
d) None of these.  
CAT material no. for Deductions and logical connectives SM100708 chap-1 & chap- 2.

Some diagrams wer given and v wer asked to find out which is odd lookin tan others...Some problems similar to seating arrangement are asked..but not seating arrangement..

Tat's al this test is about...

Interview and HR:
If you are one of the top 40 students who went in for this..then you are lucky!!!! These pple were asked simple questins and the interview didnt even last for 5 mins but as the time goes the toughness as well as the time increases...but chances also increases... Various questions from different subjects wer asked... for example questions even from Management science are asked..but it depends on the answer which yu give for the previous question he has asked. yu hav to drag the topic to go in your favour......it is not how much tech stuff yu hav but it is abot the confidence and enthusiasm yu hav it in yu while yu answer the questions.. once yu are thru the apti then ther is no need 4 yyu to worry...jus b confident. Job is yur's.

Even thoug I din get selected bcos I hav a bak log. I hav to do favour to this community which has given some info to me earlier.. Al the best to yu pple..and keep helping this community.