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Hi friends,
This company is too good and u all cant loose oppurtunity 2 miss it .were good scopes ahead .

      The CTS test consisited of 3 sections
             1. Verbal test --- 25marks 20min
             2. Quant--------  25marks 30min
             3.Analytical------20marks 20 min
& there was NO NEGATIVE MARKING ....so keep guessing
1.The verbal ability test consisted of 2
a.comprehensions, picked from BBC news website
b.detect the correct & incorrect sentences.
It is a bit difficult but u need to be too good at basic grammar specially with words like has,had,at,the.

2.The quantitative section consists of questions from (not in order )
a.venn diagrams(very easy.....and u cant effort to do wrong in this )
b.Binary numbers of replacing 0 with * and 1 with $( bit confusing )
c.Cube problem of sides colored and few smaller cubes removed .
e.Basic Mathematics

THis is scoring section ....so do ur best

3.The analytical section consists of questions having 3 figures as options & we have to choose the odd one out or we need find which figure will follow this was too easy just hold ur nerves ...we must have a close look at each figures & we can find the odd one very easily...there were a lot of questions of this type..then there were 2 questions on reasoning.ie "E comes after A & the no: of persons b/w A&B is the same as the no: of persons b/w C & D".....like that...... & thr were 5 questions based on this..
 Damn easy section

refer Cat exam material for written test and gate exam material for interview
After clearing the test i had a combined tech & HR interview in which i was asked the follo questions
1.Introduce urself
3.Three fav subject c,c++ and mobile computing
4.diff b/w Unix and windows
5.what architecture of J2ME
6.wat is the diff b/w structure and union
7.wat is a pointers
8.diff types of class diagrams , complete UML
9.very detailed questions about my project
10 any questions to ask ..... i asked him 3-4 questions

   Confidence and communication skills do matter most .at 9 p.m results were announced.......... ALL THE BEST