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Hi Friends,
I just gave my interview yesterday.It was In-Campus placement for CTS and the pattern was very easy,and the best part I got selected.I would like to thank Freshersworld and the students who keep giving their thoughts on the selection procedure for it was the main source of help.It helped break the anonimity of what to expect and hence and helped me prepare on a focussed subjects and score very well.
CTS Pattern(Date Aug 2nd)
Total 60 minutes,No Negative marks,No Hit Ratio as well,NO Section Cut Off.
Verbal Ability 20 minutes 25 questions
Quantitative    20 minutes 25 questions
Analytical       20 minutes 25 questions
Followed by Interview(Technical + HR)
First the MeritTrac People will give you the Instruction Sheet and The OMR sheet.Please read the instructions carefully it will help you a lot.Then You will have to fill some information infact a lot.
Please remember all the Semester Percentages and have them calculated on a sheet of paper.Have your Resume and a Photograph with you they will be pinned to your OMR sheet.So take an EXTRA RESUME.
Questions in the OMR SHEET:
Date Of Birth:
Permanent Address:
Email ID:
10th Percentage
12th Percentage
If you have qualified through Entrance Exam the Score you got on the total is asked,you can also give your rank.
BE or BSC Percentage Semester Wise
Post graduation again Semester wise
Your technical subjects(Write only whats in your Resume)
What is that a succuessful Software Professional requires and whats that you have got?
Just answer in 3 points and just tell them that you think you have them in you to be a successful Sofware Professional.Be good in your language and avoid mistakes.
Yours Strengths and Weakness?
Please mention them with the reason following,this helped me reduce the interview time.
They will cross check by asking you the same questions in Interview so be careful to answer the same one's when asked no new once added to that.
The papers will be taken back after the alloted time for each section.
Verbal Ability
5 on Finding the Correct  Sentences.
5 on Finding the the incorrect Sentences.
5 on Arranging the Jumbled Sentences.
2 Reading Comprehensions with 5 Questions in Each.
Tip : First answer Correction of sentences,Finding the incorrect sentences and the Jumbled sentences and then read a Reading Comprehension that is short in textual matter in that order.First read the RC questions and then read the RC, You will get all the answers in no time.
RC for me was on McDonalds issue of how it is creating Obesity among the Negros in US and how the company can be dragged to the court.And that the poor in the US are not thin like in other countries but infact are obese and the reason being that they eat readily available food from MCDonalds buying super saver packs.And how the company keeps all the details of the saturated fat contents concealed from the customers.
5 on Venn Diagrams
5 Data Sufficiency problems
5 on Binary Numbers
5 on Cubes
Some Aptitude questions on Averages and Equations.
Tip: First do the Binary numbers problem,its a direct lifting from the Book Quicker Maths by Tyra.It says substitute $=1 and *=0 and just solve the problems.There will some catches like it doubles and things like that just forget them and go on doing its just plain Binary numbers.
->Data Sufficiency was very easy. One Question on Right angled triangle in which given 2 sides we are asked whether we can find the area with just one side given,or we need both.
->Then do the Venn Diagrams.Please practice these before you go,its very easy and it uses 3 sets on a whole.Like there are painters,and they paint Abstract,Nature,Living and values are given and u need to solve for the intersection of those from the basic formula and you are 90% done with the questions.
->Cubes problem was a bit problematic but since I had already practiced a lot on it I was able to scrape through it.
Here is the Question :
There are 729 cubes and from the edges the 1st,3rd,5th,7th and 9th pieces are removes and the remaining are painted in black.
Que 1) Find the number not coloured black
Que 2)Find the number with 2 sides Black
Que 3)Find the number with 1 side black
Que 4)Find the number with 3 sides black
Que 5)Find the number with more than 3 sides black
First answer the last question its Zero since none can be colored with more than 3 sides.
Logic is 729 cubes means 9 X 9 X 9 cubes,so there are a total of 8 cuts on each perpendicular plane.Now on each plane you are removing the 1st,3rd,5th,7th and 9th.Just add on each side and remember the 1st and 9th will be same for two adjacent edges and now start counting.
->A teacher has 120 sweets with him.If there were 4 students less then each of the students will get one more each.Find the number of students?
6 on Syllogisms
2 on Logical Connectives
2 on Picture based completion
12 on Oddman out Picture based
3 on Puzzles
Tips: First do the syllogisms its very easy just draw the venn diagrams and you will fly through the questions in no time.Please refer to the CAT books for these.All the questions are only based on
1)All Fans are Coolers
Some Coolers are AC's
2)No Politician is Honest
No honest person is intelligent
3)All fruits are vegetables
All vegetables are green
->The two on Logical connectives again from CAT and very easy and they just were from the LOGICAL Implication( p->q)
and Logical OR
->Nonverbal from RS Agarwal will help you a lot.Some easy questions in picture based to look forward will be the figures which are closed and open figures.There will be only one Closed figure and other open and surely and ODD man Out.The there are questions on Alphabets.Please try and remember the Alphabet and the number related to it,since when you number them only one is odd others have even numbers,then only one is prime others are composite.
->Puzzles do it at the last you will be quite relieved to have only 3 left and will be happy to do it.
Results will be announced in 2 hrs So please read your technical in that time.It will be helpful.Most of my friends who kept talking lot the focus and were caught on the wrong footing.Just focus once you complete the interview life is yours and you can enjoy then.
Now to the Interview:
Sorry guys I was very lucky and just had 3 mins of interview and all my friends had a solid 20 Min at the minmum each.
The Interviewer was a Male.
This is how it went,Mine was a stress interview and that I had done in well in the Written this was to be easy to scrape through.
As soon as I went in the interviewer asked me to wait outside.Be careful they are looking to see if you turn your back towards them just leave the way you entered.
Then the interviewer himself came to the door and called me in.
Please wait for the seat to be offered,they are very particular and please have a smile,do this before the interview before a mirror.
Shocking was my first question for me:-
Interviewer : What is your Initial?
Me: Sir its S
Interviewer : So what does "S" stand for.
Me : Answered that
Interviewer : He then asked me my hobbies and when I started to answer he said stop,I want to know about you first,so Talk about Yourself.When I was Half Way into it I was again Stopped.Then he asked me about my achievements.Then again asked me to continue where I left.
Interviewer : So you know UNIX,So what is the Shell you work in(I was having Unix,Linux in my Resume,looks like no one had it he was very interested in me very soon)
Me : BOURNE shell(Its actually BASH Shell)
Interviewer : So do you know RDBMS
ME : Yes Sir
Interviewer : Whats Referential Integrity?
Me : Answered he was very happy after I gave that answer.(Then it was plain fun NO more Technical)
Me : In the mean time Tea had come and he offered me Tea but since there was only One Cup I said Sir,you have it.Then he ordered the person to get one more.
Interviewer : So you have won medals in 100 mt sprints and are a player at a high divisional level in Cricket(I play club cricket)So are you still continuing to play and run.
Interviewer : Thank You Sriram U can go.
Then after that he called me back and asked me So are u a member of any association like CAA.I said Yes sir,I had one Certificates for my Paper Presentations on Firewalls and Ethical Hacking.
Thats it guys my journey to CTS ended there and I was selected.
So please so well in your Written and you will have an easy time in Interview.
Meet You all at CTS
Best Of Luck :-)
Smile For It Costs Nothing During the Interview :-)