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Hai frnds

Venue : LBS college of engineering Trivandrum.

Total no attented: About 800

Selected for Aptitude :265

Final Selection :121


                        I am so happy that I got placed in one of the worlds best IT firm “CTS”. The more interesting thing is that I am an Electrical and Electronics student.First the MeritTrac People will give you the Instruction Sheet and The OMR sheet.Please read the instructions carefully it will help you a lot.Then You will have to fill some information infact a lot.

Please remember all the Semester Percentages and have them calculated on a sheet of paper.Have your Resume and a Photograph with you they will be pinned to your OMR sheet.So take an EXTRA RESUME.

Questions in the OMR SHEET:


Date Of Birth:


Permanent Address:


Email ID:


10th Percentage

12th Percentage

If you have qualified through Entrance Exam the Score you got on the total is asked,you can also give your rank.

BE or BSC Percentage Semester Wise

Post graduation again Semester wise


Software Exposure

What is that a succuessful Software Professional requires and whats that you have got?

Just answer in 3 points and just tell them that you think you have them in you to be a successful Sofware Professional.Be good in your language and avoid mistakes.

Yours Strengths and Weakness?

Future Plans


Please mention them with the reason following,this helped me reduce the interview time.

They will cross check by asking you the same questions in Interview so be careful to answer the same one's when asked no new once added to that.

The papers will be taken back after the alloted time for each section.



 The test consisted of three sessions and no negative marking.

Date 19th August 2006

  1. Verbal
  2. Analytical
  3. Reasoning

My Queston booklet nor was 3635

  1. Verbal(20 Min)

It basically consisted of 2 passages one is long and the other a short one, and que based on it. 5 questions like select the correct sentence from 5 choices given(there can be more than one sentences like both a& b, a alone, both b&c and so on). Then comes choose the incorrect sentence, then there is also things like rearrange the sentence for form a paragraph.

                                    Frnds Rembr this is important first do the grammar part and then go for the passage or else a lot of time will be lost. Try to do better in this session because I thing there is no separate cut off and the next session was a bit tough for me. I couldn’t go through one passage.

2.Quant and reasoning:(20 Min)

This one was a bit tough it consist of questions from cubes, coding decoding

Eg1: 1 is represented by $ and 0 by # I think so and some conditions are given like after some operations it shifts right or left or so on and five questions are based on it, Then there is a question based on cubes like

Eg2. A cube is cut into 8 pieces and painted red then one individual cube is cut into 27 pieces. Five questions are based on it like how many are painted, how may at least one side painted like that.

Eg3: A question based on seating arrangement is given like A B C D E F are to be seated in a row of 7 chairs . then some conditions like A and B , C and D should be at same distance and E and should be seated alternatively and the last condition was that E should not be at the left most poison. Five que based on it are given and you have to ans it. The first was the possible way of arranging them( note go though the choice and find the ans coz there are more than one way of arranging ) and there where remaining 4 que don’t rmbr but are easy)


  1. Mental Ability:(20 min)

This is the best part where you can score a lot the question are from verbal and non verbal reasoning by RS Agarval . plz refer these chapters

1.      Data sufficiency (Chap 16)

2.      logic (session 2 chap 1 ,doing the solved eg is enough)

3.      choose the odd man out (simple fig are given ,I rmbr the fig of 4 similar face of a man and the difference in it is that one has only one cheek and the remain que was simple circles overdrawn, squares ,pentagons and so on)

4.      5 general aptitude que which I didn’t answer

Remember there is no negative mark so try you luck,God is with you guys.


                                    No need to go through RS Agarvals Quant Aptitude Just study the verbal and non verbal reasoning of RS Agarval.


Interview session(tech&HR)


Before interview they checked the mark list that there are no more than 2 supplies


                                     I was the last person listed in our college list I thanked GOD.

20TH Aug 2006

Before interview they checked the mark list that there are no more than 2 supplies , I have no.

                                              There were about 4 panels and I was on panel 1 and my interview started by 1:30pm. These were some interesting thing that was going.


Me: xcuse me

HR:ok  get (there was a man(m) and lady(f))

Me: I wished them both.

HR(f): ok tell me about yourself

Me : I gave a crisp and confident answer(the man never minded me).

HR(f):what and all subjects you have studied so far can you list ( prepare for this que don’t flatter in front of them )

Me: I answerd like from electrical there are machines1, machines 2, pow sys 1,2 and then comes electronics sub like SSD,Power Electronics, the theory papers like humanities and so on,I think they were satisfied with it as it was in an orderly manner)

HR(f):what are your favorite sub can youlist any 3.

Me : yes madm , mine are Electrical machines, Material science and C++.

HR(f):select any one from it.

Me: Elect Machines madm(Rmbr while answering don’t forget to look at both HR’s)

HR(f):What are the various machines you have studied.

Me:I answered that one.

Hr(f): What is a transformer and its uses in ctrl system,measurementetc

Me: I answered it also.

Hr(f): is it Uses in electronics

Me: answered

HR(f):She also asked about  its efficency principle and a lot of que and I answered all.

Suddenly the male interviewer interrupted,

HR(m): What are your hobbies.

Me: I like debating, reading, computer games, coin collection.

HR(f) :what  are the various topics you have debated.

Me: I spotted out 5 I know well.

HR(m): Ok lets debate a topic.

Me: ok sir

Hr(m): the topic is “women are better in managing “.(rmbr the other interveawer is female)

Me: ok sir I stand for the motion.

We started the debate and lasted for a few minutes.

Hr(m): who is the present CEO of coca cola.

Me: I know she was a lady and don’t remember her name sir I saw her Photo in yesterdays Hindu news paper.

Hr (m) : do you know where she is from  .

Me: I am sorry sir I don’t know.

Hr(m): she is from Chennai

Me: I nodded my head.

Hr(f):who is your role model

Me: Abraham linchon.

Hr(f): why

Me: I spotted some of his great achievements and contributions like democracy, slavery abolition

Hr(m): what is slavery

Me: Unwanted torturing and treating a man like an animal blah blah blah….

Hr(m): what is torture.

Me: I don’t know what to say at that time coz I say anything they will ask that then you think you will be tortured in CTS. Don’t fall in such traps.  I flattered.

Hr(m): you are in very high poison now do you expect your driver to open the door for you .

Me: yes sir

Hr(m): Don’t you thing this is some kind of slavery.

Me: no sir it is his job and my respect sir.

Hr(m): ok that’s enough.

Me:(I thank God in my mind )

Hr(f): Now u are in high poison and you are the best in your group. You applied for a chance to go abroad . But your team members got it and you are still here. Will you get angry.

Me:no I will be calm I wont.

Hr(m): its your right know atleast you will complain.

Me: If a am not send abroad it means that I am more important here than there. That may be the reason or I may not be fit there and if I still find this is not I will complain.

Hr(m): I am from infosys.

Hr(f): I am from cts. We both call you to come and join our company what will you choose.

Me: I am shocked with this que . I said confidently I will choose CTS.


Me: coz cts is the best and give the best job satisfaction and right now cts is in very good demand in e business, I am more interested in it and I will surely choose.

Hr(m): are you confident.

Me: With full confidence I said yes sir.

Some more Que which is frequently asked like

  1. why should we hire you
  2. why cognizant
  3. Position 5 years from now.
  4. what do you expect from us( don’t say high salary say job satisfaction and promotion)
  5. how long will you continue in CTS(I said along as I could contribute my entire potential for the development of the company)

Some of these que are there with the answer paper say only what you have filled in it.

He also asked my percentage I scored in B-tech . 

OK then Thank you Maniesh You are good in technical point of you but your level of thinking in management is ok try to think in a higher level.


I said thank you sir Thank you madam left the room silently.

For me it lasted for about 30 to 35 min and my panel took only few people. I also herd there were panels were interview lasted only for 5 min and a lot got selected. So don’t worry if it was short one you may get it.


I waited for the results it was published by 5:30 my name was second last on it and I am so happy that atlast I made it and got the offer letter to join as a software trainee the offered 2.5 lack during training and 2.7 after 1 year.

All the Best for you guys.” Gods always with us”,’coz we deserve the best. Hope we meet at CTS.



Maniesh Kumar V