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I attended CTS in Atria college, Anandnagar, Bangalore. I would sincerly thank all my friends in .
(I dont know as of now whether I have cleared or not)

Please prepare for this questions:
Software Orientation:
Hobbies and extra-curricullar activities
What are your strengths and weakness
What are your expectation from CTS
What are the qualities necessary for a software proffesional to besuccessful.
Please note ur graduation and post graduation marks semester wise.

No negative marking. mark all the ans pls. Same pattern as mentioned in prev paper.

Verbal: 2 reading passage too lengthy... 10-12q;
3-5Q on jumbled word (read the ans then form t right pattern from Q).
10-15Q find correct/inorrect sentence.

Analytical: 5Q on venn dia
1) if 50% eat apples,60% eat oranges,50% eat bannana. 20% eat both apple and oranges, 30% eat orange and bannanas. 20% eat banana and apples. 10% eat all of them.
i) how many % does eat any fruits
   a)0  b)10  c)30  d)20
ii) how many eat exactly two fruits?
iii) how many eat only apple?

2) Out of 100 students, 74 passed in physics. 76 passed in chemistry and 60 passed in both .
How many students failed?

3) 3 cubes prob... it was like u have 27 cubes one side is dipped into green. then u remove the middle cube of every face and cut into 8 smaller cubes and smaller cubes are dipped in blue...
Q were more to do wit diff between t cubes of green and blue which are painted on two sides...
i cant recollect exact Q

4) There are 8 ppl sitting in anticlockwise direction. P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W.
It is a square/rect arrangement with 4 on each side.
Q is on left of R. V is on right of T. S and W are opposites.
T is in between V and W.
i) who is opposite of P
some options
ii) which of the statment is true
R is opposite of Q
like that type

5) Some 5 Q on binary number system($ is for 1 and * for 0)
i) whts the LCM of (13,26,30)
ii) 3*4+15-6/3 can be expressed as
iii) 1176 is represented as?
(some options in $'s and *)

6) More than 6 Q on Data sufficency prob

Attention to details: Easy.
Like IQ quizes ask some pattern and asks to find odd... 5-7 such types

Please score more than 35....

I had for 20 mins.. one interviewer
Me: with a smile. Good afternoon.
Intr: Good afternoon. Please sit.
Me: thank u
Intr: Tell me about your self
ME: I told my educational Qualifications, extra extra-curricullar activities. He was cutting me in between but I answered and continued. 
Intr: quite, lookin thru my resume and other stuffs.
ME: should I continue with my hobbies?
Intr: yes..
ME: Charcoal painting, reading novels, listening to music (everyone's hobby :) )
Intr: Charcoal painting.. tell me more about it? I m interested in painting...
ME: explained.
Intr: coming back.. u kno C, C++, .Net... looking thru my CTS form...
ME: yes sir, i did my proj using it..
Intr: ok tell me whts ADO.net
Me: its an interface using which dynamic web pages can communicate thru DB.. blah blah blah.
Intr: u have done very good in interview. he glanced thru the rough sheets.
(2 sheets are provided attached to the form.. some were asked q on how u solved tht prob. if u can try to be neat and expalin ur logic while writtin ur paper.)
Intr: u know sql server ?
Me: yes
Intr: write sql cmd to generate first 100 lines of tables
ME: tried but i forgot, i had done but cant remember.
Me nxt Q
Intr: ok whts CLS
ME: clear screen.. huh sorry i was thinkin of prev Q.. almost he said
but I said Common Lang Specification.
Intr: wht are other tpyes u kno..
ME: I said CTS, JIT, FCL etc.
Intr: started writin a prob.(i interrupted) he said dont talk  much, i became quite.
ME: sir u forgot inheritence. actually he wanted to ask a q on overridding but he forgot to inherit class B. anyway he corrected. 
Asked me what will be output. I replied instantly.
ME: started explaing overridding
Intr: what is Dataset and DataReader?
Me: explained
Intr: which is disconnected?
ME: explained. but he was tryin to interrupt, confuse me.. i dont kno.. I convinced him.
Intr: Any Q?
ME: when is t training and how long is it?
Intr: said 2 mths training.
Me: thank u sir

Mine was both Tech come HR.. just be prepared.. it seems they stressed on project. and Software Engg subj. for me .Net...

be confident. talk as much as u can... Only u get few mins to make impression. be cool.

Good luck
God bless everyone

Thank u