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6 - 7 colleges(don't remember) participated in this campus interview. CTS has a unique practice of calling the first few toppers for direct interview. However, since many colleges participated, CTS announced that 6 toppers from each dept. in SathyaBhama and 2 toppers from each dept. in Jeppiar and Panimalar Colleges can appear for direct interview. Anyway, I was not eligible for direct interview.

Before starting the test, you need to fill  up the following details (from which most Hr  questions will be asked) in the form given.
Name and Current & Permanent address
percentage of 10,12, and each semester and also aggregate
details relating to arrears
strengths and weaknesses
extracurricular activities, interests,hobbies
expectations from cts
what skills are required to be successful in this it industry? and How can you be successful? 

Section 1 (30 min): Non - Verbal Reasoning - R.S.Agarwal will suffice.
Venn Dia - some go by airplane, some go by bus and train, some go by train and airplane etc. how many travel only by airplane?...and so on... (I didn't know to answer this question)

Puzzle test - Six plays - A,B,C,D,E and F  are to be staged, one on each day from Monday to Saturday.  The schedule of the plays is to be in accordance with the following:

A must be staged a day before E.  C must not be staged on Tuesday.  B must be staged on the day following the day on which F is staged.  D must be staged on Friday only and should not be immediately preceded by B.  E must not be staged on the last day of the schedule. (The same problem from Agarwal was asked only with the words changed. First find the order of the six plays from Mon to Sat and then answer the questions).

Data Sufficiency questions (formula should be known to answer these questions.  refer agarwal quantitative apt. for formula)

1. some question  related to HCF  and LCM (try to know the formula HCF*LCM=?)
2. some question related to profit percentage,sp,cp....

To crack these questions, first check whether the first statement is sufficient to answer the question-ans:(a). if not check whether the second statement is sufficient to answer the question-ans:(b). if not check whether both the statements are required to answer the question-ans:(c). if not neither statement can answer the question-ans:(d)

If the unit digit of x2  is 9 and that of (x+1)2 is 4 , then the unit digit of (x+2)2 is?
ANS: 1  (72 =49, 82 = 64, 92  = 81)
If 1 is replaced by $ and 0 is replaced by *what's the value for 144,  171+128,   4/2*3-2/2, ....

For this type of question don't follow the instructions given. you'll be confused. whatever question they may give, first find the final answer. for eg: 171+128=299.  then convert the decimal to binary. finally replace 1's with $ and 0's with *

Cube problem: in a black cube consisting of 27 small cubes(3*3*3 cube),the corner cubes are removed and then coloured red. find the difference between the no. of blocks coloured red and those coloured black originally only on 3 faces....and 4 similar type questions.

a problem with marbles. I didn't know to do it.

Section 2 (20 min): Verbal ability
2 Reading Comprehension,finding the correct and incorrect sentences, jumbled sentences
do the reading comp. atlast. (verbal was difficult and I could not  read even one rc for there was no time. so I marked all the answers as (d) as there was no negative marking)

Section 3 (20 min): Logical reasoning
Statements and Conclusions(which is in logical deduction chapter of r.s. agarwal)
odd one out from pictures
pictures - series completion
logical result
seating arrangement from puzzle test - 8 people are seated in a counter-clockwise rotating rectangular table. some places are seen by them while the table is rotating. find the seating arrangement.

I was one of the selected candidates for the Technical-HR (combined) interview, the next day. 

--------goodmorning sir
goodmorning, take your seat.
family background(told)
about my hometown (he asked the expansion of my town. I was able to answer it only half)
speciality about my hometown(told)
what is linked list?(told the definition)
What address will be stored in the link part of the first element of the linked list?(address of the next element.
what address will be stored in the link part of the last element of the linked list?(null pointer)
what about circular linked list?(address of the first element )
application of circular linked list(was not able to answer...I told 'I couldn't remember now)
what is the difference between router and switch(told although I didn't mention networks as my area of interest).
(gave a paper)draw the OSI layers(wrote the 7 layers)
what's the difference between hub and switch?(after thinking a while, I told 'I don't know')
asked about my project and paper presentations. (told 'I haven't done any' he was disappointed and asked why. I didn't answer. he told, ' you must go beyond your academics')
Do you watch movies?(told 'No')
Why?(told 'not interested')
You live in a remote place and cts being in the city(Navallur),how will you come?
---- in bus
but that will take long - nearly 3 hrs.
-----that's not a problem, sir

the next 3 questions were on my travel itself
I clearly told him, ' I have no problem with bus travel. In fact I like journey especially in bus'
why did you choose this college?
----top in the ranklist & well known for discipline
how can you use your ece in cts?
-----first 2 years, i would work as a trainee and then shift to the track of telecommunication(one of the verticals in cts is telecommunication- I answered like this because I thought I should be specific in my future career)
what if you're not given this track by the company?
--------but sir, in the preplacement talk, it was assured that the track that we wish will be provided
ok, but still if you're not given?
----(as he insisted i told) i can take any other track as i can cope up with any subject.
do you have any questions?
-----yes sir, what is that you like and you don't like the most in your trainees?

I don't like static mind--for eg; in your case you told you would go to telecommunication. you should not restrict yourself to that. as opportunities from various directions, try to grab it. ----nodded my head with a smile(i later thought I will be rejected by this answer )

I like fresh mind--people asking questions. I am also a trainer. I need to teach my trainees right from switching on a computer. but after 2 years they sit along with me to do project. and that's really a great honour to me.

-------thank you sir
thank you

some were asked only about the family background and some  were asked only technical questions from each subject of the six semesters including environmental science, ethics, control systems,......no use of mentioning areas of interest. try to brush up all the basic concepts.

i got selected. if God wants you to keep  you in cts to glorify Him, you'll be placed even if you don't answer well. otherwise you'll be placed somewhere else where you can shine (more) well for Him! so don't worry at all ! keep trying! only failure to try is failure and failing itself is not a failure!   

All The Best!!!!!!