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I appeared on 21st feb in cts on 20th i appeared in wipro but i eliminated in the last round .in wipro in apti ques one option was highlighted in each question.In cts paper was normal.there  are three section in placement

2.Technical interview 
3.HR tnterview

in aptitude there are three section
a--find incorrect sentences.
b--find correct sentences.
c--arrange jumbled sentences.
d--two passages.

2.coded relation.
3.data sufficiency.
4.decimal to binary based question($ is assign 1,* is assign 0).
5.on cube based(find the no of one ,two ,three------coloured face).

1-odd one out.
2-pick out next figure.
3-logical detection(some books are pen, some pens are paper)in this based.
4-from puzzle.

My interview was of 30 minutes. technical & hr both were combined. they asked  to tell me ur faviorate five subjects.
I given microproccesor,digital,c,ds,basic electronics. then they asked three question on each subject.

some questions are below which i remember

1.what is signal controller( microprocessor 8085)
2-given if else program to convert in switch case.(c)
3-what is macro,
4-diff between mallock &calloc.
5-what is flip-flop
6-convert XNOR from AND & NOT.
7 what is compete binary tree.
8-what is circular linkedlist.
10-draw full wave rectifier(some question reated to transformer use in rectifier & diode).

-----ALL THE BEST------
Alok Kumar