Whole-Testpaper |   18400




Aptitude (It had 3 sections) :

Total : 70 marks : 70 mins
1. English (25 marks : 20 mins) -
Consisting of 2 "huge" passages, scrambled sentences, finding meaningful sequences, choosing the correct sentence out of a lot.

2. Quantititive Ability (25 marks : 30 mins) -
Consisting of Venn Diagram, Cube-cutting, decimal-bin conv ($*$.. -- that one),how many nos can be formed ... etc

3. Logic and Non-verbal Ability (20 marks : 20 mins) -
Logic (Statement/conclusion - practise RS Agarwal 4 that specially 2 statement - 4 conclusions which most of the guys avoid as i did),puzzle test (team formation),finding odd figure , fig_A : fig_B :: fig_C : ? (refer 2 RS Agarwal for that)

They will snatch the qtn sheets after stipulated times (mentioned at beg of each section) and will give u the next one. My suggestion is to practise uncommon thaigs from RS Agarwal and to do each chapter complete (each subparts also). And time management is the final word. dont go for all the 70 qtns at first. mark the ones u can do on ur own in stipulated time minus 2 mins and save that 2 mins for msking wild guesses (since there is no negative marking). thatz all for aptitudes. Remember: This is 100% lottery. so failing to clear apti does'nt really mean that u r bad at that, but ur lucks were not with u.

Personal / Technical Interview
They really had no time to see ur CVs or Certificates. all of u will be given a data sheet alongwith apti answer paper. This contained the following fields : - Name, Date of Birth, Academic Details, Software Orientation, Strength - Weakness, Expections from CTS, Long Term and Short Term goals with CTS and qualities reqd for a software professional and why ?

Fill that up carefully as u will be asked from there only. A good news for non-comp-sci guys.. u will be asked from ur dept subs, or may be even from Class XII physics (Doppler Effect) or Class X maths (like Ht and Dist, probablity). nother thing, giv ur hobby carefully... u will be asked from that

Anyways, my interview was like this sort of : ----

 - Hello Mahul, Good Evening,  nice to meet u, i am **** (his name) , plz be seated.
 - Tell me something about urself
 - So, u know C ! so tell me, what is a function ?
 - What is recursion ? give me an example of that .
 - what is the need of using functions in C language ?
 - What is Linklist, what is Tree ?
 - What are the phases of a software life cycle ?
 - Now I will ask u from RDBMS . what is Referential Integrity ?
 - Clarify Ref. Integrity with the help of an example taling 2 relations
 - Any quieries u hav on CTS ??
 - So u love Cricket ! so tell me ur feelings Saurav being back in the side.
 - Can u name india's finance nad rail minister ?
 - would u like 2 work in client/server or in mainframe ?
 - So u know OS ! so tell me what is multitasking ? does DOS support it ?
 - what are the differences between unix and linux ?
 - I'm done from my side, do u have any qtns to ask ?

It lasted for about 20 mins. The interviewer was very friendly. Eye-contact and confidence is the key. They are also seeing the attitude. Answer evrythng casually, with light smile. To remain confident i tip i can give u : think as if u are just going to give a lab-viva of ur college. and dont keep so many formalities in mind like - handshake, sitting style etc. Those will puzzle u a lot. never say "no" directly to any answer. if the term is just heard by u, then give a try.

1900 appeared for Aptitude - 612 cleared.
400 academically top-10 candidates directly sat for tech. interview.
total selected candidates = 313 out of 2300 and i was one of them !

best of luck for all ....

Mahul Banerjee

Free as in Freedom !!!