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Paper pattern: -  

Verbal Ability (The no. of ques on each topic in each section may vary)
5 on Finding the Correct Sentences.
5 on Finding the the incorrect Sentences.
5 on Arranging the Jumbled Sentences.
2 Reading Comprehensions with 5 Questions in Each.

5 on Venn Diagrams(One ques 5 parts)
5 Data Sufficiency problems
5 on Binary Numbers
5 on Cubes(One ques 5 parts)
Some Aptitude questions on percentage(machine rate depriciate etc ....) & equation. only & like A left home early it take him 10 mnts to go to bus stand, if he left at 1:40 when he will reach.......this type

6 on Syllogisms
2 on Logical Connectives
2 on Picture based completion
12 on Oddman out Picture based
3 on Puzzles

There was no -ve marking.

Tip 1: First answer Correction of sentences, Finding the incorrect sentences and the Jumbled sentences and then read a Reading Comprehension that is short in textual matter in that order. First read the RC questions and then read the RC, You will get all the answers in no time.

Tips 2: First do the Binary numbers problem, its a direct lifting from the Book Quicker Maths by Tyra. It says substitute $=1 and *=0 and just solve the problems. There will be some catches like it doubles and things like that just forget them and go on doing its just plain Binary numbers.Data Sufficiency was very easy.

Then do the Venn Diagrams. Please practice these before you go, its very easy and it uses 3 sets on a whole. Now do the problem on Cubes

Tips 3: First do the syllogisms its very easy just draw the venn diagrams and you will fly through the questions in no time.Please refer to the CAT books for these.

Nonverbal from RS Agarwal will help you a lot.Some easy questions in picture based to look forward will be the figures which are very easy Then do odd man out. Puzzles do it at the last you will be quite relieved to have only 3 left and will be happy to do it. To crack Cts appti solve Arun sharma Verbal ability This book will help u to crack verbal ability portion & Half of analytical portion with an ease. For better result u may solve the papers of merit trac & time(cat papers).

Technical Round:-

They only test whether u have basic funda or not. Be ready for any ques on what ever subject u have given in ur CV. Be confident with ur answer if u give any wrong ans admit it they will be impressed & they may test ur knowledge by telling u wrong ans then confidently handle that challenge.

I have been asked:-


diff c & c++

What is Inheritance ?
What are the types of inheritance ?
What is multi-level Inheritance ?

Polymorphism with eg.


Will this execute ? main() no
Will this execute ? main(){}yes

What is the output of for(;;) ?
What is the output of for(;;); ?

What is a pointer ? where we use it & how(with e.g)

what is library functions? Where it is kept?where to set the path for library function?

what r the steps to handle a file in c?

Data structure:

Write fibonacii series in 1 line & explain it.


What is normalisation? Types? explained first normal form .
What is RDBMS and compare with DBMS?

what is primary & foreign key?

That all about technical. I answered all the question.

Our technical & Hr round was combined so same interviewer took my Hr. My interviewer was very friendly, modest & polite.

Introduce ur self?

Tell me about ur hobbies & reason behind it

Who is ur role model as a software engg?

Do u have any question?

When the result is declared thanks God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my name was on the list.

Tips to crack HR:-


  1. Don’t fell nervous,be cool & composed,remember ur interviewer is also nervous during the time of ur interview
  2. Answer confidently,they also know that u are appearing 4 first time.
  3. Read the profie of the company before u sit for ur HR round.
  4. Search this same site for different candidate experience there u will find some good HR question with answer

Believe in GOD give ur best, u will be in Cognizant in no time.


Sudipto Bhowmick