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Aptitude Test consisted of 3 parts –English, Quantitative, Analytical (total 70 ques.—20+30+20)

English—(20 min,25 marks)

1) Two very long difficult passages (total 10 ques)

2) Correct sentences.   – 5 ques

3) Incorrect sentences. – 5 ques

4) Logical Order.         – 5 ques.  


2) Quantitative--(30 min,25 marks)

1) Two Venn diagram  - 5 ques each.

2) Logical reasoning.  – 4 ques each

3) Coding(replace 1 by $ and 0 by * for decimal to binary conversions) - 5 ques
4) Data Sufficiency- 5 ques

5) Cube problems- 5 ques

(For all these sections prepare thoroughly from R.S. Agarwal—Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning)


Analytical-- (20 min,20 marks) 

1) Picture Sequence

2) Logic (see R.S Agarwal)

3) Puzzle

4) Statement--Conclusion


Interview Questions were very basic (Technical and HR taken together) like—

Differences between C and JAVA.

Features of JAVA.

Why JAVA is OOP?

What is Inheritance?

What is Constructor?

What are default and copy constructor?

When to use them?

What are pointers?

What are its uses?

What are call by value and call by reference? (From perspective of C and JAVA)

How are they actually different?

What is recursion?

Write a recursive program. Explain.

What is a microprocessor?

What are they used for?

Where are they present?

What is dll? What are they used for?

What is UML? Describe.

How is a C program compiled?

How is linking done?

What does a linker do?

Sorting (All types)

Linked list, Stack, Queue, etc.

Differences between DBMS and RDBMS…. and so on…all very basic (if u r lucky!!!)


Fill the form provided with the answer sheet carefully…. be confident and positive…don’t lie…keep it cool…. and if u have the luck u will get through.

(70 out of 108 students got through from our college…they are recruiting in huge numbers)