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Dear friends,
I am GOURAV RATHI FROM YMCA INST. OF ENGG.,FARIDABAD.First of all i m very thankful to freshersworld for providing me such valuable guidance in preparing myself for my campus interviews.CTS came to our campus on 8th march. We had our aptitude test & interview BOTH on 8th. Here i have given my whole experience. I will try to help you as much as i can. there was a ppt. after our written test plz dont try to remember every thing they say. only listen to the main points.that will help you enough my friends

Firstly you will be given a form to fill up.plz prepare the following points for the form.
1)your marks for each sem.
2)your short term & long term goals.
3)your strength & weakness.
4)what is the expectation from cts.
5)what do you think is necessary for a software professional to be successful.
6)your hobbies, extra-curricular activities, interests.
7)software orientation.
plz, be care ful with the points you write bcoz those will be cross checked during the interview.

In the written test:1)this section is from english.20 min.v. difficult to manage the time.two passages will be given.jumbled sentences were there.yuo have to arrange them.there were finding incorrect, and also incorrect sentences.

2) this section consists of quantitative(30 min).two venn diagrams were there(i couldn't solve it).data suffiency probs were there.problems on binary no.($ for 1,* for 0).you only have to convert each no to decimal and fid out the binary(v.easy). eg: lcm(3,4,6) some options were givenin binary.

3)this section from logical reasoning(20 min).
eg: all tables are chair. all chairs are desks;
there were qs from figures.like odd figure out.4 options were given,you have to find the odd one. one critical reasoning was also there.

Written test results were announced in the noon nd i was shortlisted for the interview nd was said to wait till 4.30pm.
me: good EVENING sir(with a firm handshake)
int: good evening have a seat.
int: tell me bout working of tube light
me :told the little bit idea.
int: ok tell bout working of fan
me: didnt know much bout it bcoz i was frm ece not from electrical said it straight forward
int: ok den tel me bout nyquist rate
me: told
int: tel bout pcm nd band pass filter
me: told
int: dats it any ques u wanna ask
me: i ask about company profile etc. etc
me: thank you sir. went out.

i was v.v.v.v.tensed for the result. it was declared at 6:00pm
THANKS TO GOD. I WAS SELECTED. hope we meet in cts.