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hi freshers I am very happy to say that I was selected in cts.I have been waiting for this moment for the last two years n finally i got selected.

Thanks for all the initiaters of freshersworld and the contributers who contributed the papers.  I am very much benifitted from this site,So I am also contributing the paper for freshersworld.


Cognizant paper consists of three sections

they are 1)verbal 25 questions 20 minutes

             2)analytical 25 questions 30 minutes

             3)attention  20 questions 20 minutes


verbal consists of 

choose the correct sentences among given sentences

choose the incorrect sentences among given sentences

(I cant remember the questions but they give mostly on articles,prepositions etc.Know Differences between affect effect like des words.)

Jumbled sentences

two reading comprehension passages(global warming really tough one n about whales and hunters this was easy)

time is the major factor .I could not have time for rc.


Analytical section: 

in a class there are 150 people who speak english n 125 people who speak hindi.55 speak both languages n atleast one student speaks one language

1)-how many students speak atleast one language?(220)

2)how many people speak only one language?(165)


in a class every one will play atleast one sport viz table tennis,cricket n badminton.73 students play table tennis,79 play badminton,75 play cricket and 25 students play both tt n badminton,24 play both tt n cricket 30 play badminton n cricket n16 students play all d sports


3)how many students r der in d class(161)

4)how many students play only cricket.(37)

der is another question  related to venn diagram...it is same as first one....sorry i cant remember


In a certain language * represents 0 n $ represents 1.Answer the follewing questions

5) 389+91($$$$*****)

6)lcm of($*$*,$*$**,$*$*$)   (420)

7) avg of (10,20,21) ($***$)

8)420 ($$*$**$**)



A is the son of B            A+B

A is the father of  B        A-B

A is the brother of B       A*B



a)P is the Uncle of R like this 4 options ll b given.U should choose d correct one




A cube is cut into 216 parts.the 2nd 4th n 6th layers of the front face r removed n den painted black.Now answer d following questions

13)How many cubes r painted on only one side?

14)how many cubes r painted on only 2 sides?

15)how many cubes r painted on onlly 3 sides?

16)how many cubes r painted on only 4 sides?

17)how many cubes r painted 0 sides?


Data sufficency questions

c)only condition 1 is required to solve

d)only condition 2 is required to solve

e)both r required

f)both r not sufficent

18)find whether X is odd

1)2*X is even

2x^2 is odd

A)c B)d C)e D)f


19)how many seconds does a minute hand takes to rotate 360 degrees

1)minute hand revolves round the cloch 5 times in a minute

2)minute hand is 5 times greater thar short hand

some other quest ions similar to d above


20)der r 4 cities A,B,C,D.Der r 4 Routes 4m A 2 B,3 routes 4m B 2 C,n 2 routes 4m C 2 D.den in how many different ways can A go 2 D

A)12 B)24 C)32 D)48


Attention Section 

Choose the correct option base on the following statement


If tendukkar plays till end india will win d match

a)tendulkar plays till end

b)India wins the match

c)Tendulkar falls cheaply

d)India loses d match

A)ab B)ab n cd C)b D)d


If X travels without a ticket he will b fined 50 bucks

a)X buys d ticket

b)X w2as not fined

c)X doesn't buy a ticket

d)x was fined)

A)ab B)cd C)ab n cd D)none


Some questions like

1)all A's r B's

2)All B's r C's

then choose d correct option based on the above statements


1)all tables r chairs

2)some tables r desks

1)no mammels r animals

2)some animals r goats

find the odd figure out


8 people A,B,C,D,E,F,G n H,lives in 4 storyed building which contains 2 flats each.flats number 7 n 8 belongs to 4th floor from left to right.flats 3 n 4 r the second floor from d bottem n r numbered right to left.so r 5 n 6 which lies on second floor 4m top.1 n 2 r d first floors numbered left to right.A n E stays on the second floor 4m d bottom.F lies one floor above B,which is one floor above C.

three question were asked based on the given problem.


My interview is very simple

As it is a campus interview  they just tested our confidance.


All des that i can remember......

my suggestion is dat dont get disappointed if u were not selected in one interview..........try n  try untill u succeed.....please don't give up at any time....only confidence is the key for success in software industry........i am telling it with my experience...