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Hi friends..
Cognizant Tech. Solution came to our college on 29th June,2007.My branch is Computer.
The criteria was 55%+ with one live back allowed.

The day started with the aptitude test which was a bit tough(as compared to TSC and Infosys..i know cause i've appeared in both). The only suggestion i'll like to give is to attempt what you are good at first. e.g. In the maths section attempt only those questions first that seem to be easy to you at the first glance. Second section was English, where the only suggestion is to skip the passages first...jump to the correct the sentences, jumbled sentences..etc first. They are relatively easier and will take less time. For solving the jumbled sentences there is one simple trick.....
e.g. if there are 4 sentences..viz A,B,C and D.

and the options are suppose ABDC,BDCA,BADC look at the options we see that one one case A is 1st n in other B is try forming a sentence with A..but if A starts with something like ..."but they went there inspite of me warning them.."..then u can easily make out that this cant be the 1st line of any eliminate that option and every option starting with A. Continue doing so with other options too....this is elimination technique which works fi9..and i guess this is what is expected.

The final section which consists of "Attention to small details"..this is comparatively an easy section where u just need to concentrate on the figures given. Like pick the odd one out...whats the next figure after this...etc. Easy..most ppl will crack this section easily.

Out of 300 odd students who appeared for the aptitude..CTS selected 109 for the interview round. I was one of them!!!

There were 8 panels each consisting of only one person.(one is enough to grill you ..lolz!!!) The panels were asking people everything starting from easy C programs to macroprocessors etc.For computer students I would suggest reading
*** The basics of C/C++----(diff betn C&C++, C++&Java of OOPL etc)
*** Programs like---(fibonnaci series,swap two numbers,print all prime nos from 1 to 100,palindrome,print a string in reverse etc)
*** Basics of system programming---(diff betn compiler&interpreter,Preprocessors,page replacement algos and other algorithms etc)
*** Basics of DBMS----(normalization techniques e.g 1NF,2NF,BCNF is ok..,primary key,foreign key etc..and refresh some basic SQL queries...specially see the nested SQL queries)
***Study Java(only if u've mentioned that in your resume...otherwise dont waste time studying Java..just study basics like applets,threads etc.)

When i came the interviewer asked me to take a seat. He was very cool...he made me feel at home..and all my tensions ended(beats me how!!)

Panel(P):   How r u feeling?
Me(M):   Am feeling fine sir...
P:   So,tell me something abt yourself.
M:  Blah blah....etc started off with my family(very short..keep in mind ..he is asking abt u..not ur family background)...then told him how i was very interested in computers from my childhood days etc..said my father n sister is also an engineer..etc.
P:   So you are from Guwahati(am from Assam)
M: yes sir.
P: How wud you compare Guwahati with Pune?
M:Sir, earlier I had this perception that Guwahati..which is my hometown has the worst roads in this country...but after coming to pune i realized that i am wrong...its pune who has the worst in India!!(He had a good laugh at this witty answer). Otherwise the people out here are warm n affectionate. Guwahati neing my hometown..will always have a special place in my heart.
P:  So u ve been in pune in for the last 3 years...u must ve learnt Marathi?
M:  Yes sir, I can make out wht people are speaking, I can speak a also but not am not so good at it...i'm still learning.
P: So tell me something in Marathi.
M: "mala marathi ayaat nai"..(it means i dont know marathi)!!
P:(laughs)...good answer...and good line to learn too!!
M:(smile) exactly sir..
P: Then he asked some technical questions...(all the questions which was asked to me and my friends are listed above..)

At the end of the day they announced that 31 are selected out of 109. We all waited with fingers crossed...and when my name was called I was thrilled!!!

In a nutshell, I would like to say that...crack the aptitude(thats the main hurdle)...after you're through with it...just be confident and be yourself. And the biggest tip i can give..and what i've learnt is that dont ever mug up cliche answers..just try out some usually asked questions but never mug up lines and words like "hard working","team worker" etc. They are professionals..they can easily make out that you are not true to yourself. Be cool and answers will come out automatically. 
If you have good communication skills and basic technical knowledge(basics shud be very clear)..then u'll definitely be selected.

All the best to you.
Hope to meet you at Cognizant..with the passion for building stronger businness!!!Bye....hope this article proves helpful...this site has been helpful to i thought of contributing. 

Tonmoy G.