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This is Sowmya Kameswaran from Sri Venkateswara College Of Engineering, Chennai.

We had our CTS placement on campus on the 3rd and 4th July 07...totally arould 420 wrote the aptitude and the 60 department toppers were allowed directly (10 each dept) for the interview. 307 were short listed for the interview... and of the 307+60, 220 were chosen...

The paper pattern was jus the usual 3 sections ANALYTICAL, VERBAL, NON VERBAL. Just be careful when u answer the questions cuz they are quite in our Verbal paper finding the correct and incorrect statements were not given under one heading..

So read the question properly and do not waste time looking up.... Time is really precious when u take up the test... just carry on even if the roof comes down!! just like the others i would also say please do not take up the passage first.. it would eat up all ur time. m really sorry i dont properly remember the questions that appeared but trust me the English was a lil tough so try n take some good help for that! probably reading the news paper daily would help.

I just remember the cube question it was like... the 2 middle cubes along each diagonal is taken out from all the sides. Now the cube is painted black.... how many were 1 side painted 2 sides more than 2 0 side painted.

RS Agarwal Verbal Non Verbal will do a great deal of help... and when if comes to syllogism just remember this short tip in case u have the statements like No A is B No B is C or Some A is B Some B is C or Some A is C Some R is T in these cases NO CONCLUSION HOLDS OK.

Now let me come to the interview part tere were totally 40 HRs who had come that day...of which panels 32-38 was for the toppers who went without the aptitude. People prepare technical and go at least a lil and in case u have kept oa have an arrear in any sub just glance thro that specially cuz a few of my friends had a lil bit of a tough time and those people who interview u are really brainy and they know when u lie... So please be careful... DO NOT LIE...

Some tips from my side for facing the HR
1.please be dressed formally and wear a big smile ....

2.Confidence is the key to facing the interview..just think u have a friend sitting in front of u.. not use slangs like "my dad, mom, pop, sis, bro..dunno.." all these are not to be used even by the slip of the tongue..

4.wish the person who is sitting there before entering and do not take the seat until he or she tells u to do so"

5.sometimes u might be the one who is having a stress interview. U will not be knowing that anyway but do not show the stress on ur face... Keep ur cool... they are just trying to check if u can work under preassure... handle it with a smile.. even if u dont know the answer for something just tell I DONT KNOW.... dont try to blabber in the name of trying if u do not know anythin relevant to the question..

6.and when u are having a stress interview the questions will be the ones which u cannot answer... Just relax..they are jus testing you... If u keep ur cool ur into the company

7.when u say somethin is ur area of interest perpare for it really good and be prepared for the other subjects that u have read till now cuz "TELL ME THE SUBJECTS THAT U LIKE APART FROM THE ONES WHICH U PUT HERE", is one of the favorite questions....

8.and when u are given a sum or puzzle or a digital sum with truth table for implementation.... first search the question for the answer... there will always be a clue... and never give up even if u do not know how to proceed with the sum just try.. after sometime they might offer help.. it will create a wrong impression if u say something negative in case of sums..

9.and the most important thing that most people fail to do is to MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT. only one who is not confident of oneself cant maintain eye contact

10.In case they ask u some thing about the interview just do not tell I DID NOT HAVE TIME... it means that u do not know to manage time...just tell them that the test was easy...nothing beyond that... i hope these tips help u!!

Take care all the best C YA AT CTS