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haiiii  frends,

There were tow slots on 29th OCT my slot was at 12:00 pm ,they just verified for photo identification proofs .Aftr that exam was for 75min  .NO NEGATIVE MARKS

->verbal 25Q(20 min)
->Quant25Q(30 min)
->mental ability25Q(25min)
   in verbal section 1.around 8 questions were like "choose the correct sentence from 4 options "
                              2.some questions on reading comprehension 2 passages were given
                              3.some questions on choosing the jumbled sentences in right order
coming to quant:
            1.some questions on cubes like in our paper ("A red cube with 343 small identical cubes is cut from left in second column and the entire column is removed  and then painted again with black ,find how many are
->2 sides black
->3 sides black
->all sides black
           2.some questions on venn diagrams these are 3 variable questions
           3.some questions on basic algebra
           4.questions following a rule like 0 represented by $and 1 by * then value of 242 like that(convert this vale to binary that is 1's and 0's and then apply rule
in mental ability
           1.rearranging sentences ,finding odd manout
  conclusion from two connected sentences
list of selected candidates(490 out of around 2300) were been displayed in cognizant link in website itself  
i was selected in written test : 
there was sufficient time to prepare for interview
they started on 4 th nov and lasted up to 9 th nov
results were given on 10 th nov
  my interview was on 8 th the interview was running as follows
first they checked mark lists whether they are attested else originals ,i have seen that the person on my left was there with out provisional ,while checking they found that he produced the sem wise mark lists but they post poned his interview until he gets his provisional :
        interviewer was a male :
he: tell about ur details
me: just said evry thing i prepared
he :y do u choose CTS
me: i just explained some awards achiecved by CTS and some reasons like its my dream company from my graduationn
he:what is ur project details in ur curriculum
me :xplained around 15 min
he :what is ur position in ur class,any IT related topics in ur regular courses
me :said c,cpp
he again asked any database related subj
me :no
he:what r data types in c,where do we use pointers ,can we compile c program with dosprompt,what r object oriented concepts in cpp
me:answered evry thing
he:have u attended any interviews before,r u willing to work ay palces like chennai,b'lore like
me :yes sir i dont have any problem
he:finally he gave me hand shake and said we will inform if u havebeen selectd thank u
finally i got selected in cts "this was my first interview",so guys please take topics which u feel comfortable in written test and practice them b'coz time is vital there ,for quant nonverbal reasoning by RSaggarwal in that u find mental ability related questionsd as SYLLOGISM,also jumbled sentences ,and sequence completion figures related tips ,finding the odd one out ,also for CUBE sums refer time CAT material i dont remember but it is there in previous paper postings see them
           i am not a cat aspirant but after going through these papers in freshers referred them it is very use ful
            ok all the best