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Today CTS visited our college for an in-campus interview. The selection procedure consisted of an aptitude test followed by a personal interview. 350-400 candidates appeared for the aptitude. 90 were shortlisted for the personal interview and 40 were finally selected. Fortunately, I was one of the 40.

Aptitude consisted of three sections:
A] Maths:
questions like $ stands for 1 and * stands for 0, venn diagrams and "Eight people on a table, A to the left of F, C not diagonally opposite H....." were asked.
B] Analyze to determine:
logical reasoning questions
C] English
two very lengthy passages (i dint even get time to read those),  questions like identify correct, incorrect sentences from the following choices and arrange the given options to form a correct sentence were asked.

Personal Interview:
It may be full n full HR, full n full Technical or Both, depends on ur luck. Mine was full on technical.
He: How r u?
Me: i'm fine.
He: Tell me something bout urself.
I told.
He: Done with HTML? (seeing my resume).
Me: Yes.
then he asked me the following:
>What are Meta tags?
(Then he went into Data Structures)
>Gave me an expression n told me to create a tree.
>Asked a lot about "Singly link list" program.
>What are virtual functions?
>What is an abstact class?
and finally (to my relief)
>Explain Stack
I answered all but not completely. He just wanted to know wheather i atleast know some basic stuff about those questions.
He: Do u want to ask me someting?
Me: Yes (but obviously)
I asked something n he answered it. I did not get what he answered, but who cares.

Finally after a wait of about >3 hrs, the list of selectees were announced.

My suggestion is dat once u crack d apti, "BE COOL" for the interview. Just stay calm n cool n u'll get through the PI too. Gud luck. See u at CTS soon.