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Hi friends, I'm Manilal final yr MCA from College of Engineering, Anna University.. Am here to share a bit of cognizant selection process.....CTS came to Anna University on 18th June 2008 as a very first company for campus recruitment...First we had a nice ppt. Then on the same day we faced written test of which 2400 students were participated and 2199 cleared the written test........In written it comprises of
Analytical Section:
Cubes related questions are very important and also very easy this time like painting it with three different colors...
Venn diagram questions also quite easy...
Data sufficiency which comes through practice..
Verbal Section:
Find out the incorrect sentence
Find out the correct sentence
You need to have a very good vocabulary for the verbal section .
Logical Section:
This was the most easiest of all.
You can definitely score in this section
Find the odd man out
Analogy of figures (Simple)
then questions from deductions or syllogism....
Its all Quite Easy!!!!!!
Written results were announced on that same day and panels were allotted for next day's interview session..

On the second day of the selection process, It was a little bit nervous and interesting to be a third member of my panel...Here comes in Interview.....
Me:-) Excuse me Sir. May I Come in........
Interviewer:-) Yes Manilal. Take your seat (with a gentle smile).
Me:-) Thank u sir.
Interviewer:-) May I have a look at your resume Manilal.
Me:-) Please sir.. (Given my resume)
Interviewer:-)Tell me about yourself.
Me:-) Told confidently.
Interviewer:-)Tell me more about your UG project. (He asked me when i was describing about my project title in tell me about yourself and my UG is in Physics)
Me:-)I explained briefly about my project
Interviewer:-)What are the various applications of RF Transmitter
Me:-)Told somewhat.
Interviewer:-)What is Thermistor?
Me:-)Told as it is a heat sensing device..
Interviewer:-)Applications of Thermistor??
Me:-)Described some applications..
Interviewer:-)Can u Draw one Circuit for a application using Thermistor?
Me:-)Drew it...
Interviewer:-)How do u convert AC to DC? Can u Draw the circuit.
Me:-)I explained the logic and tried to draw.....
Interviewer:-)Do u know diode, resistor and all??
Me:-)yes sir...
Interviewer:-)What have you learned in Solid State Physics??
Me:-)Told about crystals..
Interviewer:-)What's Decision Theory?? How do u make a Decision??
Me:-)Told about PERT and CPM charts......
Interviewer:-)Do u like programming in c++?
Me:-)yes sir...
Interviewer:-)Can u write one program which best describes polymorphism in real world?
Me:-)Started writing it...
Interviewer:-)Expected question. Right?? (with a smile)
Me:-)Obviously sir...(with a big smile)
Interviewer:-)What is Global variable? What is the use of it....
Interviewer:-)Other than this field in which areas do u have interest?
Me:-) Sir... Photography....
Interviewer:-)Do u have interest on current affairs?? Are you going through News Papers Regularly??
Me:-)A little bit sir...
Interviewer:-)What is iPhone?
Me:-)Sir... iPod? ...
Interviewer:-)No.. iPhone???
Me:-)Sorry sir...
Interviewer:-)okay... Why CTS?
Me:-)Told. (Enjoyed a lot while telling this as I guessed I placed in CTS)
Interviewer:-)Where can I find you after 5 years..
Interviewer:-)okay Manilal. Any questions for me?
Me:-)Sir.. I'm having still one year in Anna University. In which areas i should get improved in this one year to fit into CTS...
Interviewer:-) (Gave me a brief advice on current affairs and how i should get improved in a very gentle manner).. That's all??
Me:-)Yes sir.... Thank you sir....
Friends... My interview has gone very cool as like I was talking with my friend... My interviewer was very cool and friendly and helped me to think.... My kind suggestion is whether your answer is right or wrong you have to deliver it with good confidence.... They will surely help us to communicate with them...Finally On the third day.. That's on 20th June 2008 CTS declared their results....1103 out of 2199 were selected from Anna University.. 28 of my classmates were selected.. And I am one among them........ Passion Makes the Life Difference !!!

All the best friends...... I greatly thankful to Freshers world which helped me a lot for interview preparation......