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Pattern : Quantitative questions from RS Aggarwal.
A few questions in GRE pattern – paragraph given and   

    questions asked

   1. A news is passed to 2 persons in 5 minutes. Each person passes it to 2 other persons What is the time taken 

        for thenews to reach 768 persons. 



                    Find the area of shaded portion.
                   Ans : d

    3.     A person has certain no. of apples. He gives half the no of apples and half an apple to another person.Repeat

           the process for 7 persons. At the end, he has no apples. Find the no of apples in the beginning.  Ans. 127

    4.    Product of prime nos between 1 …..  20

    5.    1 balance, 9 balls, one faulty of times the balance is used to find the faulty ball.

    6.     2 trains travel opp to each other at 60 Km/hr. When they are 18 Km apart a fly starts flying at 18 Km/hr from 

            one train to another. Distance traveled by the fly when both trains collide is ------- 

    7.    Average score of a batsman is 15. If he scores 23 in an innings, the average is 16.Average score of a batsman

            is 15. If he scores 23 in an innings, the average is 16.

    8.    In a village, there is flood. In one village causalities were less than the other. Why?

         Ans : There were better health care centres(HCC). 

   9.   A club has male and females. If 15 females quit, no of males = double the no of females If 45 males quit, no 

        of females = 5 (no of males)

  10.  I was married 10 years ago, my wife was the sixth member of the family. Now I have one baby and my

       father is dead.The average age of my family before and now is the same. What is my father’s age when he died. 

  11.  A question on Pythagoras Theorem.   Ans.  20




     12.     1000 doors.  I  man opens all

                                 II man closes all multiples of 2

                                 III man opens all multiples of  3

                                 IV man closes all multiples of 4

                                 How many doors are open?

     13. Rs. 5 -> 20g
  Rs.2, Re.1, 50p, 10p and 5p have corresponding weights. For 196.5 gm, what is the

             min no. of coins required to make this weight.

     14. A can complete a work in 8 days, B in 7 days,C in 6 days
  A works on day 1,4,7, B on 2,4,6   C

           on 3,5,8. When will the work be completed.

     15. 2,3,5,7. Find all possible 4 digit nos divisible  by 4. Ans. 8

     16. In a bus, there are 40 seats. The money collected from the passengers sum up to Rs.70.37…. Find 

           the total no of vacant seats.
Options  9     11      13

     17. The distance between Mumbai & Calcutta is 25000 Km. Train goes from Mumbai to Culcutta for 

           which Speed & Time are given. From C->M Speed alone is give. Of the above conditions which is

            not required.  (Not Complete)

           Ans: The distance 25,000Km is not required. Because, Speed * Time = Distance. So only two 

           conditions are required.

          18. m < n & x>y Which is false?
  Ans: x-m < y-n

          19. A person has Rs.100. If he wins he gains 10%. If he loses the game, he loses 10%. He wins

                twice and loses twice. How much he has at the end?
Ans: Always less than 100.




Area of Shaded portion is ?

                       Ans : 115.5

              21. In A tribal group two groups live in different climatic conditions. Ear Sensitivity is tested and found

                    that one has more when compared to other. What is the reason.

Ans. Depends on the physical plac  and condition he is living.