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1. A bus has 40 seats and the passengers agree to share the total bus fare among themselves equally. If the total 

    fair is 80.67 , find the total no of  the seats unoccupied.


2 A 4 digit no may consist of the digits 6,2,7,5 where none of the nos are repeated.Find the possible no of 

    combinations divisible by  36?


3) if u r traveling from Mumbai to banglore and return back .To find the speed of the car which of the following r 


     a) the distance between them.

     b) time taken

    c) avg speed towards Mumbai and the avg speed towards banglore.Choices:

    1)a only.   2)a and b 3) a,b,c  4)b only 5) c only ( ans not in order)


             (  Diagram drawn approximate not to scale.)


     if all the blocks are squares and the complete fig is also a square and the area of the a is 1 cm2,b=81 

    cm2what  is the area of i?


5) A secret can be told only 2 persons in 5 minutes .the same person tells to 2 more persons and so on . How 

     long will take to tell it to 768 persons ?

    a)47.5 min  b)50 min   c) 500 min  d)….            Ans: 47.5 min


6) Three birds cross a point in a same st. line and of that 2 fly in opposite directions. If a triangle is formed with 

    the position of the birds what kind of the triangle will be formed?

     a) isosceles  b) right angle    c) equilateral  d) right angle and isosceles




         when the angle a, b, c, d are given find x.   


8   One question is given for explaining the working of cornea (in eyes) & the window

      ans: drawing analogy



9   m<n, & x<y which of the following is definitely false

     a)m-n < x-y          b)m+n < x+y    c)& d) Similar options using all 4 variables


10. Four circles are drawn from the corners of a square of area 49 cm2 . Find the area of 4 circles outside the 

      square (they didn’t mention that circles have radius=1/2 side of a square)

      ans: intermediate


11 In a pond ecosystem,large fishes and small fishes will be there.If we want to remove small amount of 

     pollutants,small fishes are to be employed.In a food-chain food passes through a number of mouths and en 

     route the mouth of the superfeeder-the eagle.The size of the ecosystem is determined by its population.But

     this  has been proved false.What can you infer from above?    (4 choices)


12 In Bangalore,during income tax deduction for a single person,the percentage increased by 3% and for middle 

     house-holders,it decreased by 3%.What can you infer?


13 In China, Mao-Tse –Tung was responsible for organizing its people and taking China into success path.It 

     evolved into a great economic power by improved industrial and economical statistics.China prospered in 

     those years,but_________________Which of the following best completes the sentence?(4 choices)


14  A ridge formed over Pacific  Ocean was because of the intersection of two volcanoes.But in history it was 

       written that it was not due to those volcanoes.It proves a contradictory to form the view that history will be 

       proved wrong in the future. Inference?


15  In a poultry form because of cloning,a large breed of hens were produced.This increased the production but 

     the maintenance was very difficult because of the large number.This does not mean that cloning is a disaster in 

     the scientific world but it is a tool which in some ways is constructive but in other ways ,it is 



16 A seller has a set of apples out of which he sells one half of it and half an apple to his first customer.then he 

     sells half of the remaining apples and a half apple to his second customer.Then he sells half of the remaining 

     apple and ½ apple to his third customer and so on.This repeats upto 7th customer and no more  apples are 

     remaining . Find the total no of apples he had.


17 A hollow cube of size 5cm is taken , with the thickness of 1cm . it is made of smaller cubes of size 1cm . if

     the outer surface of the cube is painted how many faces of the smaller cubes remain unpainted? 


 18 If a 36 cm thread is used to wrap a book , lengthwise twice and breadthwise once, what is the size of the