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hi friends!

 i used freshersworld for my job hunt. this is my the smallest help to all job hunters.........i am from BE ECE
i attended CTS test on 29th oct. at chennai. and interview on 1st nov.
the pattern is new i.e. 25 verbal in 25 min
25 apps in 30 min
20 mental ability in 20 min.
verbal consisted of 2 reading comprehensions, and others are finding correct and incorrect sentences based on grammar with tenses
apps was quite easy. venn dia, seating arrangement, data sufficiency, binary conversion of nos., and cube problem.
other than cube and data suff, were very very easy. black colour cube is cut into 64 small cubes and 4 center cubes are removed from the front face of the whole cube. now it is painted white. find the no of 3side painted black - 3 side painted white. and 2,1,0side painted differences.
mental ability was having some q's as " all pens are books; all books for pencils" it is little bit tuf to come to a conclusion.
non verbal q's like finding 5th fig from sequence of first 4 figures. and finding odd fig out.
one more arrangement problem. in a rectangular table, among 8 people who is next to one person and who is opposite....
thats all i could remember about the written.
generally there ll be combined tech + hr. but for us they were sepately conducted. but for me in my first round i was asked both tech and hr. and next round was pure hr.
in my tech itself my interviewer started with tell me about myself. in techside, about my project program. in c write a ptr of 100bytes, write malloc() declaration, what in #include. what is abstraction (c++ that i told i knew only the basics of c++). mor q's about my extra curriculars like speech.( he told my to talk about the 3 days continuous rain in our chennai.) how my teachers encouraged me. what do u kno about cts and about software used in mnc's. what is the recent happenings in did u come to know abt it. write about ur project in 5 sentences. short term goal. abt my confidence. what is linked list.
in hr it was very fast within 5 min my hr completed it.he was asking q';s very fastly. now i amwaiting for offer letter from cts. i asked abt my strength and weakness in both tech and final hr.

B. Surendar Babu.