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Hi Friends,

This is Anusha.I have got selected for CTS conducted on 29th of october. The results of written test were announced on 30th.My interview date was on 9th of nov.So,I prepared well and by god's grace, my panel was very very cool and friendly.i answered  all the questions with confidence.Finally,i got selected for CTS.

I am giving the full details of the selection process here.



U 'll be given with a sheet .u have to fill it carefully,bcoz the HR qns 'll be asked through this consists of

>urdetails,acadamics etc.

>software orientation(languages)

>interests,achievements and hobbies

>strengths n weaknesses(Careful abt this.u may get qns frm this mostly)

>Expectations frm CTS

>short term n long term goals with cts

>skills required to lead the s/w position


->Written test consists of  3 sections.We had no negative marking that day.

1)Verbal Section(25 questions-20 mins)

2)Analytical Section(25qns-30 mins)



------->Verbal section consists of  2 passages each consists of  5 qns.Next,5 qns in which 4 options were given and we have to find out the correct one.and next 5,find out wrong sentence.and the rest r ,arranging the following sentences in correct order.


-------->In analytical,

->5 qns on venn diagrams

->5 on seating arrangement

->some data sufficiency prob.s

->6 to 7 like 1 represents $,0 represents *(for this u need fast calculation)

->4 qns on cubes.(This is not simple.i didn't do this.see cubes prob.s in R.S.Aggarwal)

->And 4 r normal aptitude qns.(u can do this very easily)

***For this section,prepare R.S.Aggarwal quant and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


---------->Reasoning section was a bit easy.

->first 6 to 7 qns r like all cats r dogs,all dogs r rats,some dogs r ___this type of qns(conclusions)

->odd man out figures(10 qns)

->one reasoning passage.u can draw tabular form and can easily answer this.

**For written test,time plays a vital,practise well the previous papers and CAT material if available.



%%Interviews were conducting from nov 4th to 9th.Mine was on last day i.e.,9th.They arranged the interviews based on ID no.s.

I reached the Block where our interviews were conducted at 1:00pm, as my reporting time was 3:00 pm.I waited there and i was called at 4'o clock to my panel.


me:Good afternoon sir,

he:yes. good afternoon,pls be seated

me:said thank u n got the seat

he:tell me abt urself,urfamily background n achievements etc

me:As i prepared, i told clearly.

he:wts urEAMCET rank?

me:1970 sir,

he:good.Wt was urfinal year project n explain it

me:explained it for 5 to 6 mins.He didn't ask any qns regarding this.

he:good,then he saw the languages which i had written on the sheet given at the time of written test.r u perfect in DS?


he:explain binary search?

me:i explained it without any gap

he:tell me abt quick sort process

me:i said confidently

he:diff. b/w structures n unions.

me:structure is an entity in which each member is allocated with memory,where as in union,highest sized datatype member is allocated with mem. and all other members r using this memory.

he:ok.advantages of structures

me:i took student record as an example and explained.mainly,handling of data is easy and code is legible.

he:wt is the diff. b/w static n dynamic mem. allocation?

me:i told it n mentioned malloc, calloc for dynamic allocation.

he:can we use malloc to allocate mem for arrays?

me:here i made a mistake.i confidently said yes.again he asked,i told yes.

he:explain how?

me:i started ptr variable equal to.........etc but i rememberd in the middle that calloc is used to allocate mem for arrays.

he:yes.that's right.ok.can u use pionters in structures?

me:yes sir,


me:in linked lists,to reference the next node address, we use ptrs in structures and gave some explanation.

he:explain OOPS concepts?

me:i said classes,objects,abstraction,encapsulation,inheritance,polymorphism,dynamic binding,message passing.

he:explain dynamic binding?

me:first i said binding and after dynamic binding explanation

he:ok.explain abstraction,encapsulation,polymorphism each in single sentence

me:i explained as he asked

he:finally,he told thats all from my side anusha,any qns from urside?

me: yes sir.why cts is not entering into EMBEDDED side,as it is providing services in many industries like off-shore developement,bpo,testing sol.s,helth care, finance etc.As an ECE student,i am eager to know this.R there any future projects in embedded side sir,

he:i think he really impressed by this qn n said it was a very good qn, and gave some explanation abt this.i nodded my head.

me:n asked 2 other qns.

he:gave answer to thi s also

me:i just keep calm


me:i said thanq sir(with smile)


**This was my interview lasted for 20 to 25 mins.i answered each qn asked by him.but,he is so friendly.only thing is CONFIDENCE n MAINTAINING  FIRM EYE CONTACT.don't feel tension while going to attend .prepare thoroughly in each n every aspect.this is the secret of coming confidence.go through diff. sites regarding HR n TECHNICAL qns n prepare meticulously before going to interview.


@@@Thanks for reading my article with patience.