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CTS-Cognizant Placement Paper

                                           Cognizant Candidate Experiences

Hello friends, I am A.N.V.K.Chaitanya.Today I want to share my interview experience with all of you. Hope it will help you.CTS came to our college on 1st,2nd september 2015.

It consists of basically 3 rounds:Aptitude Test,TR,HR First round was online test.

1.Aptitude Test:The test is conducted by Merit Trac. The pattern remained the same from the previous year. Let us get into the details.
Questions–30 minutes
Questions – 30 minutes
No Negative marking
Topics covered -Reasoning:(Expected Cut-off – 15 to 17 Marks) Data Interpretation- 4-5 Questions Visual Reasoning- 4-5 Questions Data sufficiency- 3-4 Questions Logical Reasoning- 4-5 Questions Syllogism- 3-4 Questions Coding and Decoding- 3-4 Questions Critical Reasoning- 3-4 Questions Topics Covered-Verbal:(Expected Cut-off – 13 to 15 Marks) Reading Comprehension- 10-12 Questions Parajumble- 6-8 Questions Sentence Correction – 6-8 Questions

2. Technical Round: This round is only to check your confidence and your little bit technical skill.

Me: May I come in sir?
Interviewer: Yes

Interviewer: How are you?
Me:Fine sir

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself
Me: Told name,education,family background,hobbies,short term goals,role model.

Interviewer: Tell me about your academic projects?
Me:told about 3 projects

Interviewer: What is 555 timer and how will it works?
Me:told by diagrammatic explanation

Interviewer: Draw the circuit of this project?
Me:drawn and gave explanation

Interviewer: According to your project,what is sensing element when phone charge is phone and how it reacts?(Project:Mobile phone charger)
Me:told by diagrammatic explanation

Interviewer: What is a diode?What is the symbol of diode?

Interviewer: Explain the working of diode?When it is in FB and RB?
Me:told by diagrammatic explanation

Interviewer: Why the breakdowns occur?Explain the various breakdowns of diode?
Me:told by diagrammatic explanation

Interviewer: Explain the various types of diode?
Me:told by diagrammatic explanation(about varactor,schottky,tunnel diode)

Interviewer: What is the difference between Analog and Digital communications?

Interviewer: Tell me about Analog communication?

Interviewer: Types of Analog communication brief with examples?

Interviewer: What is difference between AM & FM? Which is more preferable? Why?
Me:told few difference and individual advantages

Interviewer: Which has better SNR in AM & FM? Why?

Interviewer: How do you rate yourself in C programming in scale of 1 to 10?
Me:rated as 8 and gave explanation

Interviewer: What are the concepts in C?
Me:told about basics,arrays,functions,strings,pointers,structures,unions

Interviewer: Do you know about C,DS,DBMS,Java?

Me:told that I know C,DBMS,Core Java

Interviewer: Write a program in C using functions and pointers to add 2 numbers and return value? Me:written the program(but with 1 error and he corrected it)

Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?
Me:asked 2 questions about their way of handling projetcs and assignments

Interviewer: Ok fine,that's it from my side.
Me: Thank you

3.HR Round:

Interviewer: How are you?
Me:Fine sir

Interviewer: How was the day upto now?
Me:Fantastic and wonderful

Interviewer: Why ECE to IT Industry?
Me:A project which inspired me in my 2nd year lead to the exploration in embedded systems and C drove me to IT industry

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Interviewer: Tell me anything which is not in the resume?
Me:told about various paper presentations and other activities

Interviewer: What are your strengths?
Me:told with few of my experiences in life

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?
Me:convinced him with a joke

Interviewer: Do you have knowledge in C programming language?

Interviewer: How do you rate yourself in the scale of 1 to 10?
Me:Rated as 8 and gave an explanation

Interviewer: Why CTS?
Me:The USP is happy job,rewarding for performance.Also explained with some of my projects.

Interviewer: Give me one reason why to choose you for this CTS job?
Me: Told how my thoughts and projects are matching with the requirements of job and company.

Interviewer: What places did you travel outside the state and India?
Me:told few tours(explained about organization skills)

Interviewer: As the IT companies are 24x7,Would you like to overwork in the projects at required times?
Me:Yes sir

Interviewer: Can you relocate anywhere?
Me:Yes sir

Interviewer: Can you work in graveyard shifts?
Me:Yes sir

Interviewer:Alright Chaitanya, that's it from my side.
Me:Thank you sir, it was really good to talk to you

I had TR+HR interview for 40 minutes and I was literally facing questions like bullets. From intricate details of my Resume, to giving different situations, he asked me everything. One thing I noticed, you need to spontaneous and quick as well as have confident.