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CTS-Cognizant Selection-Procedure

Hello Everyone !!!

I would like to share my interview experience here.This was my 22nd company. The recruitment process was held on 14th feb 2015 at Galgotia college Greater Noida. It was an offcampus drive conducted by amcat. I was called for direct interview rounds based on my amcat score. The amcat test was not that difficult, you just need to score above average in all modules. My percentile was above 90 in english, computer science,computer programming & around 60 in quant and logical. 

Round 1 (Technical round) 

I entered the room, the interviewer asked me to sit down. 
Interviewer:Tell me about yourself? (Guys, be well prepared for this question) 
Me: I told about my college, area of interest etc. 
Interviewer:Since u told that ur area of interest is programming i'll ask u some programs. He asked me to write 2 programs:- program to generate fibonacci numbers and program to calculate factorial of a number. 
I wrote down. Then he asked me to write a dbms query in which i have to count the no. employess in different departments (can be done using group by).
Then he asked difference b/w ipv4 and ipv6. 
What is SSL? 
Difference b/w Black box testing and white box testing 
Finally he asked my final year project which i took 10 min to explain. Guys just be confident and whatever u speak ur interest he will ask u from that only. Prepare your project well. 

Round 2 (HR round) 

My HR interview was shorter than technical . Basically he was checking my speaking skills and confidence level. 
Interviewer: What are your interest apart from studies? 
Me: Told that i like to play computer games 
Interviewer: which latest game have u played? 
Me: Told 
Interviewer: Explain your final year project? 
Me: Told 
Then he asked me to read aloud some paragraph and explain its meaning to him. Basically it was just terms & conditions. And the location which will they provide you will be subject to availability. Don't say no to any location. Finally Then he asked me to sign that form and do u have any questions to ask? 

The result was declared a week later. They mailed me the offer letter. I was happy that finally i got placed. Guys just be confident and u will surely get placed. ALL THE BEST !!