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CTS Cognizant 17th  January 2014 new recruitment placement drive experience shared by Monica. CTS first section of selection was AMCAT on line aptitude test It consists aptitude, reasoning verbal ability questions It was moderate questions RS agarwal book is enough.  CTS Cognizant 2014 Technical and HR interview procedure. Short description of CTS this years placement drive CTS Cognizant placement papers questions with answers


CTS Cognizant 17th  January 2014 new latest Placement papers Selection procedure, written test pattern Technical hr interview procedure, Previous years solved question papers

Hey I am Monica. Cognizant visited Indore on 17th of January and we had a simple online test through AMCAT. 

There were 25 questions of english and 16 of logical reasoning and 18 of quantitative aptitude. 

Overall the paper was easy (RS agarwal level). out of about 1000-1200 students, 373 students were selected for interview. 

The result of written test were displayed on 20th of January on  site and the interview date was scheduled on 24th of January.

CTS Technical Interview-
Sir who took my interview was very cool and smart. He asked me first of all to give my introduction which I did.
Sir- Explain your project.I did.

Sir- Draw flow chart of your project.I did. but did a small mistake. Then he said if the user enters wrong password, won't you give him other chance. I said yes I will and corrected it. then we both smiled :)
Sir- Anyone can manipulate your database.
me- no we have passwords on our databases.

Sir- But I can hack it if I know hacking.
me- Sry sir but I am not much aware about hacking.

Sir- ohk. what was your elective subject in VII sem.
me- Network and web security,

Sir- Tell me about it.
me- I did. drawn the OSI layers and explained all their functions.

Sir- ohk which programming languages do you know.
I said C and C++.

Sir- R you comfortable if we will shift you to some other technology.
I said absolutely sir. (wide smile :D )

Sir- Explain Polymorphism. I did. it is of 2 types. In Static we have same name different parameters. In dynamic we implement through inheritance or virtual function. ( he was satisfied n smiled to me again :D )

Sir- so you are from CSE, you must have knowledge about DBMS.
I said yes obviously. then he gave me to tables and it was a simple sql query using inner joins.
Now he was satisfied he asked me about whether you are ready for relocation and what do you expect from CTS.

I said I expect growth and financial security from CTS. He seemed bored of my answer. so I said I also want to go abroad (^_^). he laughed and said It is a very boring .
I said sir I have never gone abroad so I want to experience it.
Sir- is that your only aim ;)
I said no no definitely not. just one of my aims :D

Sir- sry for bothering you with so many questions :) have a good day.
me- It's absolutely fine sir. have a great day. shakes hand. :D 
so my interview went through 25 minutes and it was a very good experience :) be confident and behave like the interviewer wants you to behave. be raw and simple :)
within 10 seconds I was approved for HR interview.

CTS HR Interview.
Mam- how are you doing.
me- very well.

Mam- good. tell me what qualities a team member should have.
me- He should have good listening skills, should be open to discussions so that optimal solution should come out. he should also think from team's perspective than as an individual.
Mam- Are you location flexible.
me- absolutely. :)
mam- if we put you in a different sector will be ok with it.
me- yes mam I am a fresher I want to experience whatever comes my way.
mam- what r your achievements.
me- Ncc, volleyball etc.
mam- ohk thank you.
so HR interview seemed more like a formality and went through only 5 minutes. say yes yes to all flexibility questions with a smile throughout :) 
finally on 29th of January results came out and 223 students were selected.

I felt very relaxed to finally get placed after being rejected continuously by Zycus, Zenser and TCS :D
so people believe in yourself and prepare well and know that perseverance is a big quality. 
Thank you and all the best!!