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CTS-Cognizant Candidate Experience

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Hi frnds...I am sreenath completed B.Tech 2013 with ECE.I had applied through Amcat for Cognizant.I got a mail for written exam at Hyderabad on 27th nov 2013.The exam is easy and average not at all tough.It contains Aptitude,Reasoning,Verbal and two C programs.The programs need not to be executed atleast try to write a logic for it using hints.

And after 2 weeks  on Dec 14th 2013 got a mail for Interview at hyderabad.1st round is TR of about 30min.Be well prepared with basic definitions and thorough with resume.

They mainly asked questions from  the skills and project which you showed in your resume only.

I put Digital Electronics,VHDL Programming,C,Data structures and java.

He asked 
C - malloc,calloc,fibonocci series,swapping 2 numbers using 2 variables programs
Data structures - linked list,queue
Digital electronics - logic gates,flipflops
VHDL Programming - jst about logic gates program
Asked about project and paper presentation.
If u dnt know programs atleast try to say logic..its enough..
After i was called to HR..its just to see communicatn skills and attitude questns like willing to relocate,strength,hobbies etc.,..
Thats all after 3 days got mail that i am selected.
Thank you for Cognizant and Amcat and freshers world.....
All the best frnds...Be confident whatever questn asked to you is...maintain confident and smile...Success is yours..