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CTS-Cognizant New Pattern Placement papers questions Candidate-Experiences

Hi Freshersworld, I'm Sandy. I've passed my B.Tech in IT this year, i.e. 2013. On 26th of October, '13, I was called for an interview with Cognizant Technology Solutions at their Bantala, Kolkata office, 8am in the morning. 

This was Cognizant CTS an off-campus drive exclusively for the students who have a good score in AMCAT exam, a renowned all-India basis Aptitude Exam; a throughout 70% marks in X-th, XII-th and Graduation was also in their criteria, and about 360 students were called on that day. After a formal registration session at the beginning, they started the Technical Interview round. 

The questions they Cognizant CTS were asking were not at all tough, but more or less moderate. Firstly they'll ask you to introduce yourself, and whatever technical skills you mention in your introduction, they'll ask from it. For me, it was like...

Tell me about yourself.

Where do you stay?

Write necessary code that is used to make a database connection using JDBC driver in JSP.

What kind of JDBC Driver you've used?

Explain, with proper example, the difference between inner join and outer join.

Fortunately, I answered all the questions correctly. I was short listed for the second round which was an Cognizant CTS HR one. One good thing was that the ratio of shortlisted students was greater than those who were not selected. Anyway, the HR round was quite cool ! My HR ma'am was very friendly and she asked me the following...

Introduce yourself (Please tell something other than your technical skills).

If you're asked to learn a new technology that you're not familiar with, what'll you do and why?

Being the only child of your parent, are you comfortable with relocation?

Do you've anything to ask? (Please ask at least one question, such as I asked what is Cognizant 2.0?)

She was really happy with my answers, and, you know, from her reaction I was quite confirmed about the result !!!

Finally, after three days, they send me the offer letter via email, as a confirmation of my selection ;-)

Guyz, what I suggest is that whatever you say, be confident. This is, at least in the HR round, is the most considerable thing of you. Prepare your basics very well, you need not to learn very tough things, but prepare Normalizations, ACID property, SQL queries, Data Structure and OOP well, they're important in CTS. Best of Luck for your future...!!!