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CTS-Cognizant New Pattern Selection-Procedure

Cognizant CTS Off New pattern of and on campus drive experiences shared -CTS Technical Interview questions of PHP MySQL HTML etc.., and HR Interview questions about CTS,Explain yourself..... Here Im sharing my technical and hr interview in CTS Campus placements in my college 

For Friends,
who are going to attend cognizant drive (off campus)

Cognizant CTS Technical Interview:
1.Introduce yourself.

2.Project(badhiya se kar ke jaana)
max question will be from project and it may decide your SELECTION or REJECTION

My project was on PHP,MySQL,JavaScript,HTML,CSS,(so questions were from here only)

3. if given chance to choose among technologies on which tech you would like to work
eg.. java,c,c++etc. Why???

4. In which language you are most proficient
I told java

5. What is java

6. Why it is platform independent And explain the security issues in java

7. How good you are in Sql

8. Why sql is required

9. What is Rdbms

10.Difference between Rdbms & Dbms?

I Told rdbms relate two table(Given a brief description but keeping it simple here..Google for answer)

He asked
11. Why you need two table, can't we work with 1 table only?

12. What is php?

13. What is server side technology and client side technology

14. If I select you and locate you to coimbatore are you willing to work?
It was nice talking to you... I am done with my part.. Best of luck.. you can wait till confirmation for next round?

Result was declared and I was one among 38 candidates to be selected out of 120(approx) who appeared at interview. 

CTS Cognizant HR Questions 

1. Briefly explain yourself?

2. So you write novels and poems...Who is your favorite poet?

3. Recite one poem of yours?

4. Very inspiring poem, I am inspired by it and I can say that you are a very good writer. But I have a question with such a good writing skills why you chose Engineering not writing field.

5. Suppose after few years while working at cognizant you become famous writer and get a chance to write scripts Professionally....Which one you will chose?

6. I am really pleased to have a talk with you and thanks for your inspiring poem.

7. If you have any question you can ask?

8. Then he explained me briefly about cognizant and its work environment...

9. He said Best of Luck Rajneesh.. wait for few minutes and you will get updates from us...

After that our results were verified and we were told that we will get a mail from them within 15-20 days....... 

But got mail from them within 2 days That said "Congratulations for being selected for a career with Cognizant"

And a message from my side- Its not a job search its a test of your patience so don't lose it.... "DESTINATION IS DESTINED TO BE ONLY YOURS" 

Thanks for reading.... 
and best of luck to me and everybody