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Hi Friends,

This is Surya Prakash Choudhary from B.I.E.T Suri(West Bengal). I took part in off-campus organized by CTS at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan on 3rd Oct 2010. I qualified 4 aptitude test and my interview. Is on 3rd Nov, I
would like to share my experience. With you guys.
The paper was divided into pars-part1(30 min, 30 problems) and part 2(20 min, 25 problems). In part 1, there were reasoning questions and in part 2 there was English knowledge test. In part 1 questions were from.
1) Figure series odd one out(easy)
2) Data sufficiency questions(easy)
3) Syllogism
4) Coding, decoding problem(easy)
5) Some probs based on logic.

After all paper 1 was easy and there was no need to pracise  R.S Aggarwal for this as I did.

Paper 2 was little bit difficult and time management requires here, here has two comprehensions(one very long and one short). There was total 10 questions from there. There was 15 grammatical questions(mainly correct sentence and incorrect sentence, for this you need to revise year article, preposition, conj, verb, tense etc). I did all 15 questions from grammatical section and couldn’t read a single passage and guessed one single option. I qualified for interview. So manage year time well in English, if you don’t have confidence in sentence correction then don’t waste time and do comprehension quickly.

Let see what happens in my interview, All the best for you Guys.