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Hai friends, I am Santosh kumar.v attended CTS technical on 6th October 2010 in Hyderabad.
I want share my experience with you.
It contains 2 rounds technical along with H.R.

My Tech Interview:

Int: Hai santosh
Me: Hai sir, good afternoon
Int: Don't call me sir,ok
Me: Ok.
Int: Introduce yourself
Me: Told(only name, your parents names, hobbies, project)
Int: Tell me about your family
Me: Told
Int:Tell me about your project
Me: My project on Java so, easy for me explain everything about my project
Int: Which technologies used in your project
Me: Java, Jsp
Then he asked every question on that languages only.
Int: Your goals?
Me: Project manager with in 6years
Int: Good, is there any other goals besides s/w?
Me: Yes, basically i am singer, I want to became playback singer
Int: Can you sing a song for me?
Me: Sure.
Int: Ok, if we offer testing post do you take it?
Me: No, I want to work as programmer.
Int:Ofcourse this is also coming under s/w why do you reject?
Me: I am Technically strong thats why i prefer coding.
Int: Do you know any other programming languages?
Me: Yes, C, C++
Int: How to allocate dynamic memory in C?
Me: Explain about calloc(),malloc() along with differences
Int: Good, how to manage memory in c?
Me: Stack(It's absolutely wrong but said confidently)
Int: No, Its wrong by using data types
Int: Tell me main methods in jsp?
Me: I don't know?
Int: Get(),Post().
Int: Do you know DBMS?
Me: Yes
Int: What is ACID ?
Me: A-atomocity, C-consistency, I-isolation, D-durability
Int: Ok, any questions for me?
Me: Recently CTS make sign with microsoft may i know what is cloud computing?
Int: He explained
Me: Most of the MNC's preferred  B.SC students also why?
Int: Explained
Me: May i know your good name?
Int: Said, ok Santosh good but you need to improve your technical skills wait a for results, best of luck, you can leave now.
Me: Thank you sir
I was waiting for 3 mins coordinator declared my name for h.r round.(it means my technical round successfully completed.)

HR round:

Int: Hai santosh gd evening(at 5 pm)
Me: Good evening sir.
Int: Tell me about your % from 10th to B.Tech
Me: Told
Int: Do you like movies?
Me: Yes, so much
Int: Tell me any movie story which you recently watched
Me: Maryada ramanna with out starting he said "You can go now, wait for result) thank you sir.

After a long waiting at 7pm they declared results. I am so lucky because my name is on that list. So be Confident, always maintain smile on your face, but once see what CTS.
So friends all the best see You & Meet in CTS.