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Hello friends,

This is N. Rajesh Kumar from LBRCE, Mylavaram. I have attended for CTS written test on 3rd of October in St.Patricks High school, Hyderabad. We have a paper based test and it contains total 55 questions and the time is 50 min. No negative marking. It contains

Part 1(Analytical) 30 questions:

* A table with data is given and questions will be asked on that (Bit difficult)
* Syllogisms (1st only one conclusion is given and to statements are given choose the statement).
* Completing the figures, next figure in the series.
* Some puzzles.
* Data sufficiency questions.
* Coding and decoding.
* Finding conclusion for a statement.

Part 2(Verbal) 25 questions:
* Two passages and 10 to 12 questions from it.

* Finding the correct and incorrect sentences.
* Finding the incorrect part in a sentence.

Time management is very crucial. As I am not good in verbal first I went for paragraphs and I got 2 normal passages .they were easy and I got 8 ans out of 10 questions and in sentence correction, incorrect sentences  I put the answers as I am aware.

Luckily I cleared the written test, and 22nd of October I have attended for interview at Auriga auditorium, Hyderabad. Coming to the interview process there are two rounds.


1. Technical round

2. HR Round

My interview was scheduled at 2 pm around 250 guys came for the interview. There are around 15 panels for Technical round. I went for my technical at 4 PM.

Technical Round:

The interviewer was very cool. First he asked tell me about you are self, then my academic project I have explained him around 15 min, he was impressed for my project and he didn’t ask me any question from technical and he directly forward me for the HR round. But for my other friends Technical round guys are asking questions on C, C++ and DBMS. Basics of C and C++ and normalization of dbms.
My advice is first be prepared with you are project and if you are computer students be prepared with normalization concepts in DBMS and key constraints of DBMS because they concentrating on DBMS mostly, For C and C++ just refer the basic concepts and some sample programs, and the OOPS concepts in C++ with examples.
HR Round:
This is just a formal round, here they will ask you the questions like
1) Tell me about you are self?
2) Your strengths, goals, hobbies?
3) Why CTS?

4) Are you ready to relocate?

5) Does you appeared for any interview? If yes what happened to that one?

Here they mainly check your communication skills and you are confidence levels. After that they told me that they will give the results in one week. Am eagerly waiting for the results.

Important Tip:           

My advice is be confident, if you don’t know the answers tell to them straightly, be strong with basics.

All the best guys.

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