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The written exam was held on 3rd October 2010 in Kolkata at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. Mine was 1st batch at 8.30 a.m. We were told to report 45 minutes before. The written exam began at 9.30 a.m. It was a pen paper based exam. We were given the answer sheets and were told to fill the details which included educational as well as personal details like your Hobbies, Interests, Strength, Weakness, long-term and short-term objectives for Cognizant, etc.

Finally the written test began at 9.30 a.m.

1st we were given the analytical test paper which consisted of 30 questions in 30 min. No negative marking.

Contains questions from the following topics.
1.  Figure series (look thoroughly into the questions it is easy)
2.  Odd figure out (look thoroughly into the questions  it is easy)
3.  Syllogism(not so much difficult)
4.  Data Sufficiency
5.  Logic (If Then, Whenever, Unless types)
6.  Coding decoding
7.  A table (based on this table we have to answer some questions. This was confusing  I was able to solve it. Hope You ppl solve it)
2nd  section was Verbal Ability which consisted of 25 questions in 20 min. No negative marking.
Contains following type of questions.
1.  Find the wrong sentence(I was a bit weak in english,try it ).
2.  Find the correct sentence.
3.  2 passage. (10questions 1 passage long time taking , other is short and easy, do that first easy one).
4.  Sentence Arrangement.
The results declared on wednesday 5th 0ct. I along with my friend selected and we were told to attend the pi on 21st Oct.
21st Oct--pi
Just read the  fundamental things of C, C++, Data structure, RDBMS and be confident on you are answer
we were there at 8.45, regard in the bantala CTS office kolkata.
They divided us into groups of 35 people, my group was 4th
I entered into the hall
I: Good afternoon sir
HR: Good afternoon

HR: Sit down
I: Thank you sir
HR: So you want joining in kolkata only or place doesn't matter for you?
I: Doesnt matter sir
HR: Ok, you are from core background why IT?
I: IT was my first choice when i joined btech bt i am unable to got into cs it so i took aei branch n applying here in it.
HR: Ok, you are college in bbsr not organising any campus in bbsr?
I: Yes sir many company visited our college
HR: Then what about you? you placed?
I: Infosys sir
HR: Then why CTS?
I: Dream company bla bla.
HR: I think infy is better than CTS
I: i don't think so
HR: Ok you know C, C++, Data structure and rdbms, so from where we start?
I: Anything sir
HR: Lets start from RDBMS
HR: What is the difference between unique key and primary key?
I: Defined primary key, but not told clearly about unique key, but told confidently
HR: No this is wrong and told ok. What is view?
I: Don't know sir
HR: Normalisation?
I: Told all things in detail all normalisation
HR: Join?
I: Told all type of join with example?
HR: Write syntax to find maximum salary from employee table

I: Written corretcly
HR: Table is logical or physical?
I: logical
HR: Write a programme to implement fibonacci series
I: I started immediately, but i dunno the logic so i keep on trying
HR: He said, i have been to bbsr bla bla
I: Tried to divert conc. from the programme
HR: Ok write the programme
HR: From the midle he told, ok leave it. Do you have any questions for me?
I: I quickly asked what is d exact role of a fresher in CTS?
HR: He told 1st we don't go through the detailed knowledge. We are just looking for attitude of student,
fundamentals of tech, confidence and if you were selected then you able to complete the training or not. 1st you will go through 3mth technical training and then 9mth on job training. Any other questions?
I: How was my interview?
HR: Good, not bad
HR: Ok thank you
I: Thank you sir
Then we were told to sit in the conference hall. After half an hour they declared the result and both of us selected and gone through a HR round just for formality. He got his joining on 28th oct itself. But i am still waiting for the date of joining. Around 1/4 of total student selected in pi.
Hope this is useful to you Guys.
All the best!