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Hi, I am Bedanta Banerjee, pass out of Netaji Subhash Engineering College of 2010 AEIE branch. I am here to share my experience in Cognizant interview procedure.
At first, I would like to tell you that I will not be discussing here about the aptitude test in detail. Because it is simple and you will get enough material about this test in I have sat for the aptitude on 3rd October, 2010. It was simple , here you have to attempt 30 logical reasoning questions in 30 minutes and 25 english questions within 20 minutes.
In English section around 12 questions from passage and the passage questions hold key to clear the test. Go for 2 passge within 15 minutes and mark the rest on one option (say, option 3) as test does not contain negetive marking. So out of 12 you will get 10-11 as questions are direct and from the rest another 3-4 and this was the cut off for english is around 12.
Another thing you should keep in your mind, this aptitude paper will contain some questions like what is your short term goal and long term goal, what is your strong and weak point etc and when you will be at interview table your interviewer will find this paper with him/her. So answer these questions very carefully in my case I have found that I have got 22 in logical portion and 15 in english portion, Totalling 37 as my interviewer have put that paper in front of him. I was intimated my mail that i had cleared the aptitude and called for interview on 3rd November, 2010 at cognizant's bantala office.
My appointment time was 9.30 in the morning. When we all was waiting for 2nd half hour, my name was called for technical interview.
I: Good morning, sir
Int: Is it morning or afternoon. It's already 5 past 12.
I(Nervously): Ok then Good afternoon. My first impression was wrong and rightly feared that they gonna take my stress interview and I make myself ready to accept it.
Int: Take a seat and tell me whats special in you and how will you use them in CTS?
I: Told that i have good analytical skill required for programming, Good interpersonal skill required for dealing with my team members etc etc.
Int: (Stoping me in middle and browsing thorough my aptitude paper) So yo have good interpersonal skills and deal with people well now if you find your colleague is harassing you and making your life miserable at your workspace and your team leader asks you to do some work with him. What will be your reaction?
I: I will talk to him saying both of us are the employee of CTS. If you have some personal problem with me then yo must keep them outside of our organization the company which is feeding you, both of us is neglecting it and can not serve it. So keep for problem outside the organization and lets work together for doing the project work given by our team leader. bla bla bla
Int(finally satisfied): Okay, now you know C and Data structure.
He was satisfied and the whole scenario has been changed then he become very friendly.
I: Little bit sir.
Int: How you rate yourself in C?
I: Out of 10 around 5 sir.
Int: Ok then i will ask you 5 questions. What is pointer and what is the notation of it.?
I: Answered
Int: Do you know programming? Write the program for Fibonacci series and swapping without using 3rd variable.
I : written.
Int: What is linked list? Doubly linked list? Explain.
I: Explained.
Int: You know Microprocessor? What is the different between 8085 and 8086?
In my CV I have written microprocessor as my favourite subject.
Me: Explained.
Int: Consider myself as a layman who have no idea about microprocessor. Explain me about how microprocessor works.
I: Explain
Int: Thank you bedanta wait outside they will call you for HR interview.
Me: Thanks.
My technical interview was over and my interviewer have already told me that I had been selected for HR interview then after a long wait for 2 hours finally my turn came I entered the room where managerial round had been taken. HR manager was a lady and she was very friendly.
Int: Asked about my family. My place of residence.
I: Answered.
Int (browseing through my biodata): Your percentage in Btech 3rd year dropped why?
As getting above 85 % in +10 and +12, I have got only 7.25 in my 3rd year of B.TECH where as overall 8.3.
I: My college was far from my residence got very little time in home to prepare for semester bla bla
Int: Why are you want to join Cognizant?
I: The brand name 12th largest IT industry in the world fortune 100 fastest growing industry bla bla
Int: Why should we hire you?
I: I have analytical skills, good interpersonal skills, deal people very well bla bla
Int: Ok Bedanta, you have been selected for this employment opportunity welcome to Cognizant. You will get your confirmation letter within 7-8 days keep in touch with your mail. Your joining will be within 25 days.
I: Thanks maam. Shaked hand with her
Int: Your CTC will be 3.09 per annum. You are off for this day. While leaving you can board CTS bus thank you.
I: Thanks maam.
Around 50% students was selected my technical is the worst case, don’t expect that thing will happen to you people, i.e., generally interviewers are very friendly. So best of luck to all of you.